Why Live in Melody Acres?

If you’re looking for a home for sale in Tarzana, you might want to consider Melody Acres. This semi-rural neighborhood is located in the southwest San Fernando Valley and encompasses approximately 300 homes in the neighborhood. Not sure whether Melody Acres is the neighborhood of your dreams? Read this article to find out what this neighborhood has to offer.

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It is a Residential Agriculture Zone

Melody Acres is categorized as a residential agricultural zone, which means that the residents are allowed to own and kept farm animals inside or near their homes. This categorization gives a brilliant advantage to homeowners who aspire to have a high standard of living while continuing their passion for agriculture simultaneously. You can keep horses, sheep, goats, chickens, and other farm animals legally.

Guarantees Privacy and Personal Space

If you are looking for a home that gives you enough room for personal space and privacy, Melody Acres in Tarzana, CA, is the perfect neighborhood for you. Not only does it have a lower density than other neighborhoods in Tarzana, but it also has a structural layout that establishes a good distance between you and your neighbors. Melody Acres is an area of its own – you will barely find anyone except the residents or their guests roaming around. In a sense, it is an exclusive area because of its location, which allows you to have optimum privacy for yourself.

Affordable Houses Constructed on Massive Lots

Custom-made luxury houses are generally expensive. However, in Melody Acres, even the largest and the most luxurious properties don’t cost as much as the ones in other parts of California. This is because the construction of almost all the 300 houses has taken place on massive lots. So, you can expect to find a home on sale that has a swimming pool in the backyard or a large outdoor garden. Another affordable option is to buy an old house at a low price and then renovate it to make it look like your dream house.

It is Diverse

Even though Tarzana is predominantly white in terms of its racial makeup, you can expect to find African-American, Iranian-American, and Asian people in Melody Acres in Tarzana, CA. There is also buy ambien religious diversity in the neighborhood, and you may even be able to find a well-established community of Jews in the area. Since the neighborhood was essentially a rural land before any developments took place, the residents living there have diverse incomes and belong from different class backgrounds.

It Has a Country Feel

In case you’re one of those who love to have a country vibe around you, you will definitely love Melody Acres. The neighborhood is in the transition from an area occupied by ranches in the past to a sub-urban residential area – so it retains its traditional raw feel. The wide streets don’t have any properly formed pavements or footpaths, and old trees surround them. And guess what? You are also free to grow flower gardens and large vegetation in the area.

Basic Amenities Are Available

The small size of the neighborhood doesn’t mean that it lacks basic facilities. From gymnasiums and outdoor sports areas to stables and utility stores, you will find whatever you need to live an entertaining and comfortable life in Melody Acres. It is a well-organized area designed to have a good walk-ability so you can easily walk around without working too much about getting lost or running into an accident.

Good Schools in the Area

For concerned parents, the education of their children takes priority. Melody Acre has high-quality schools that are reputable and have a great reputation. They are nationally recognized and have exceptional facilities to facilitate your children. Another plus point is that because the neighborhood is small, the commute to and from the school is very short – for some, it is within walking distance.

Friendly & Peaceful Neighborhood

Melody Acres has been frequently reviewed to be a friendly and peaceful residential area. It is neither too chaotic nor laid with commercial activities. Because the residents maintain a private life, there is minimal interference that ensures friendly interactions.

Buying a Home in Melody Acres

Are you convinced that Melody Acres is the neighborhood you’ve been looking for? If yes, don’t waste a second and contact Pezzini Luxury Homes to find the perfect home for yourself! Dial 1-310-275-2076 right away to get expert guidance from one of the best real estate companies in California.

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