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Thank you for visiting my site. If you have searched the keyword ‘property management in Los Angeles’, then perhaps you own a property here and maybe wanting to turn over its management to a third party?

Having owned properties both domestically in the states and in countries abroad, I understand the importance of having someone you trust to manage your valued real estate assets.

I have personally experienced the frustrations of locating competent property managers, dealt with those who took advantage of finances under the guise of repair needs, and realized that most simply did not have my best interests in mind. You can’t even rely on family or friends in many cases.

These are just a few of the reasons I decided to manage my own properties. I know what it takes and it’s something I enjoy doing for others.

I am a full-time real estate agent here in Los Angeles, and throughout the years, I’ve not only helped clients buy & sell property, but much of the time I’ve worked to help lease out properties to my clients while helping with necessary management activities.

Many of my clients are from either out-of-state or from out-of-country and I enjoy working closely with all of them.

How I Manage Properties in Los Angeles – Property Management Services

I often tell clients that “I am your first line of defense”. If or when calls from tenants come in, I work to resolve matters as quickly as possible. Typically clients have “go-to” people they rely on for repairs and we’ll work with them. I also have many resources and vendors that I’ve developed good working relationships with over many years serving the LA real estate market.

My goal is to be as transparent as I can be and I do not charge vendors for leads, nor do I accept padding or kickbacks on bids. I try to find the most reasonable person for the job.  My vendors are always available, answer phones, and are ready to deliver in a pinch.

To date, I’m proud of what we’ve all achieved, between plumbers who are the most common vendors to deliver, roofers, mold, asbestos, lead re-mediators and other various contractors.

All rent payments are sent to you, although on occasion I may pick up a check and deposit for you. All invoices from a vendor will also be forwarded to you.

If you are interested in Luxury Property Management, please give me a call, so we can discuss it. We handle luxury leasing for Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Surrounding areas.

Thank you!

Luis Pezzini


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Why Hiring Luxury Property Management Services is Important

Luxury lease properties are in demand in California and it is very important to have the right luxury property manager to oversee your lease property. Here are four reasons why using a luxury property management service is important for leasing your luxury property in and around Los Angeles, the Hollywood accutane for sale Hills, and beyond.  

  • Properly Marketing Your Home is Much More Critical Why Hiring Luxury Property Management Services is Important

Marketing any lease property is important to the success of finding a responsible tenant, for luxury properties the correct type of marketing is critical. Understanding where and how to market your luxury property to find the right tenant requires expertise in the luxury market and particular neighborhood in which the property you are marketing is located. A professional luxury home leasing manager will know the right photos, words to use, amenities to feature, and places to advertise so that marketing dollars are well spent. The proper marketing brings serious tenants.  

  • A Higher Level of Service is Key  

Customers who are looking for a higher level of quality in their home expect to get a VIP level of service when they need something related to the property taken care of. A high level of customer service is expected and extremely important in leasing luxury properties. Immediate contact or replies to inquiries is expected, hiring a luxury property manager allows for tenants to speak with someone in a timely manner freeing up your time and eliminating the potential for tenant frustration.  

  • Expertise and Knowledge of Details Communicates Trustworthiness 

When someone is searching to lease a luxury property they want to make sure they are spending their money wisely as well as finding a home that meets all of their needs. They also want to know that there is a professional they can trust should they need anything while living on the property. Tenants will have several questions about the home when searching for a place to live to determine if the property is right for them. Having a property manager that can communicate all of the details about the property and answer questions with confidence helps to communicate your home is a solid investment. From how large the home is, to amenities, to the surrounding neighborhood, to security and more. quality luxury property manager will be able to answer questions and help potential tenants feel at ease and ready to move in.  

  • Luxury Leasers are Willing to Pay More for Excellent Service 

Price is important, but luxury tenants will be willing to pay a higher price when they know they will be taken care of by a professional luxury management service offering the highest level of service. Luxury properties with the best in management services are leased more quickly than properties that are not managed.  

For more information on leasing a luxury property in Hollywood Hills please contact us any time.  

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