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About Pezzini Luxury Homes

About Luis Pezzini

pezzini luxury homes, About Pezzini Luxury Homes

Luis Pezzini of Pezzini Luxury Homes is a leader in the Los Angeles Real Estate market and works primarily with high end clients.

His first company was founded in 2007 as Pezzini Real Estate and he’s been catering to people in the entertainment industry, foreign investors, and foreign nationals looking to purchase upscale personal and commercial real estate in the Hollywood and LA area.

Luis obtained his real estate license in 2002 while learning the nuances of luxury real estate working with a local Los Angeles real estate organization.  He quickly garnered the attention of discerning and distinguished clients with above average budgets who wanted someone that understood their unique tastes.

Our focus on the low end of the spectrum begins at $1.5 million and will range upwards of $200 million.

Over the years, some of his clients have included famous fashion models, actors and actresses, musicians and foreign clients who have developed investment properties in the United States as well as purchased real estate for themselves and their families.

Serving the International Real Estate Community

Luis Pezzini’s family is originally from Argentina and being multi-lingual is a major advantage for Luis as he brings the South American flavor and background to his work. As a member of the International Real Estate Federation, he can work with realtors internationally to help his clients in both buying and selling properties.  He’s worked with many sports celebrities from his home country and he’s helped them to buy and sell properties to their needs.

I’ll go the extra distance to make sure you have the custom properties you need and want.

For clarity, when referring to “high end” properties,  our focus on the low end of the spectrum begins at $1.5 million and will range upwards of $200 million.  Pezzini handles both the selling of the properties and the buying of properties. He has a practiced eye and offers suggestions to clients on how they can make their current homes more marketable. He works on his clients’ behalf to make sure they’re getting the proper value for their homes on both sides of the transaction.

Based in the Los Angeles area, Luis Pezzini is ready to work with the right clients who want to purchase, sell homes and live and work in Southern California.