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Are you interested in a luxury leasing services?

If yes, then and you’ve come to the right place! We have been providing luxury leasing services for residential real estate for 20+ years in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Bel Air, Trousdale Estates, Birds Streets, Los Feliz, and Holmby Hills. We’re serious about forging relationships with clients just like you. We view the Luxury Leasing home rental market as an avenue towards future working relationships with our clients.

Our goal is to serve as your trusted adviser for future transactions, whether it be in representing you as a listing agent for the selling of your property, a luxury leasing home purchase, or managing a luxury property while you’re away. Many of our clients have several luxury residential income properties and we can help you to build an impressive portfolio.

Things We Consider When Luxury Lease Your Home in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Bel Air, Los Feliz, and Holmby Hills

Our goal is to maximize the value of your outgoing lease and there are a few things we like to see happen in order to bring you top dollar:
  • Cleanliness – The cleaner the property, the better. We want to see you with the best tenants possible so if the property has been updated and well maintained, this is a big plus in drawing the best candidates.
  • Walking the Property – We ALWAYS ask to walk the property in order to get a feel for what the listing price could be. During the walk-thru, we’ll go over anything that will help in getting your property leased fast.
  • Schedule – The goal is to have your property leased within 45 days.
  • Pricing – If your property is priced right, and we will make sure it is, then it should rent quickly or at the very least, receive a few applications for you to choose from.
  • Tenant Screening – All tenants are met at the property and given a tour by appointment. We take this step even when there is another agent representing the prospective tenant.  This extra step is significant in giving you the best insights into who will be applying.

Once a prospective tenant requests an application, we will typically email them with the requirements for putting a package together for your review.

We handle luxury leasing for Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Surrounding areas.

Luxury property leasing

Requirements For Tenant Consideration

  1. Credit reports of applicants
  2. Bank Statements – last 2 months or W-2’s.
  3. FYI Landlord will require renters insurance.
  4. Completed application for each person on the lease.
  5. List of Occupants and  if any pets
  6. Color copy of DL or ID

We will review the application along with all relevant attached documents and if something requires additional clarification, we will request them before sending documents for your final review.

Pezzini Luxury leasing Homes does the legwork when it comes to luxury real estate leasing so you can rest easy and focus on your portfolio.

Once you review and approve the candidate for leasing. PLH will prepare the lease with the negotiated terms and forward to you for final review. Once the leasing terms are amenable, we will forward to the tenant for signature.  We use DocuSign for electronic signature and secure transactions which in turn facilitates easier transactions, especially if you’re an international real estate client.

Funding is typically done by wired bank transactions into your account or if requested, we may obtain a cashier check collected on your behalf, which we can subsequently deposit into your designated account.

Moving In And Out Of The Leased Property

Delivery of property – We typically perform a “move-in” when the tenant is taking occupancy and we will go over the entire property to assure that everything is in contractually sound working condition. A punch list might be created and emailed to you with any items that may need to be corrected.

Tenants are welcome to reach out to us if, or when, they may have concerns about the luxury leasing rental. We will notify you as quickly as possible based upon the urgency of such requests.

At PLH we treat your leased luxury leasing property as if it was our own.

At the end of any lease, we will arrange for a “pre-move-out” usually 30 days prior in order to see what, if anything, needs repair and in order to avoid any expenditures there. The final walk-thru is done at the time of key collection and the final send-off of the tenants.

If tenants wish to extend their leases, we will prepare a new contract and coordinate the signatures of all parties.

leasing luxury properties

Find Luxury Home for lease in Beverly Hills & Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

Hopefully, this answers many of the surface level questions regarding how a luxury home leasing company might remove the complexities and simplify the process of getting your property leased and in a timely manner.

Please feel free to call Luis Pezzini if you have any questions at all, cell number is 818-445-9557 or office 310-275-2076.

Feel free to email as well by clicking the link here or by visiting our contact page here.

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