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Outpost Estates Homes for Sale

Those who are searching for a lavish lifestyle rich in Hollywood history will quickly fall in love with The Outpost Estates. Developed during the 1920s during the dawn of Hollywood, this neighborhood is comprised of about 450 homes. All of these properties feature Spanish architectural influences and were all built to adhere to the strict guidelines of developer Charles Toberman. His vision and directions created magnificent homes that would ultimately stand the test of time. If you are seeking Outpost Estates homes for sale we can help you.

Outpost Estates Homes for Sale
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Outpost Estates: Where Hollywood Glamour Meets Modern Luxury

Perched in the Hollywood Hills, the storied Outpost Estates stands as a testament to Los Angeles’ golden era, seamlessly blending the allure of old Hollywood with the comforts of modern luxury. The search for homes for sale in Outpost Estates leads discerning buyers down winding streets, through an enclave where each property tells a story, and every turn offers a vista more stunning than the last.

About Outpost Estates

Outpost Estates owes its name to the history that blankets its hills. Once the site of an outpost for the Spanish settlers, it evolved into a coveted residential area for celebrities and those desiring privacy and prestige. The neighborhood boasts an impressive array of homes, from beautifully preserved Spanish Colonial residences to cutting-edge contemporary designs.


Buying a home in Outpost Estates is more than an acquisition; it’s an entry into a chapter of Los Angeles’ rich narrative, where the glamour of the past meets the luxury of the present. The towering palm trees and lush foliage provide a green canopy over streets that resonate with the echoes of the stars who once roamed them.

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Guide to Searching for a Home in Outpost Estates

When embarking on the journey to find a home for sale in Outpost Estates, consider what sets this neighborhood apart. It’s not merely the quality of homes but the quality of life that one must ponder. Prospective homeowners are encouraged to take leisurely drives through the neighborhood, to feel the ambiance, to see first-hand the manicured landscapes, and to absorb the tranquil atmosphere that defines Outpost Estates.


Working with a realtor who specializes in Outpost Estates is not just beneficial but essential. Their intimate knowledge of the area and its properties can provide invaluable insights and access to exclusive listings. They understand the market’s nuances and can offer guidance tailored to the unique desires of those looking to buy property in Outpost Estates.

Outpost Estates Real Estate Insight

The Outpost Estates real estate market is dynamic, with each home being a prized asset that reflects the neighborhood’s exclusivity. Luxury homes in Outpost Estates often feature amenities such as outdoor kitchens, private cinemas, and infinity pools that seem to drop off into the Los Angeles basin. These homes are designed not just for comfort but for entertainment, for living a life that is as expansive and open as the views they offer.

Finding a home for sale in Outpost Estates means finding a place where privacy, peace, and proximity to the city’s pulse coexist. The architecture pays homage to the neighborhood’s storied past while embracing the desires of the modern homeowner. The result is a real estate market that is as varied as it is valuable, offering something for the most discerning of tastes.

In Conclusion

Homes for sale in Outpost Estates are rare jewels in the crown of the Los Angeles real estate market. They provide a haven for those who wish to indulge in the legacy of Hollywood’s golden age while not forgoing the advancements and luxuries of the present. Outpost Estates is not just a place to live; it is a lifestyle, a piece of history, and a community that continues to evolve while never losing sight of the glamour that once defined it. Here, you don’t just buy a property—you become a part of a legacy that is as enduring as the hills in which it resides

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The Latest Outpost Estates Homes for Sale:

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About Outpost Estates Homes For Sale

Today, the homes in The Outpost Estates are still in high demand among the Hollywood elite and the affluent people who live alongside them. While Dolores del Rio was the first celebrity to make her home in this studio city neighborhood, a string of famous movie stars and musicians have followed suit. Some of the more modern celebrity residents include Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller.  

The Outpost Estates Real Estate Information

Given the limited number of homes in this neighborhood, interested buyers should expect there to be significant competition when  Outpost Estates homes for sale become available. Prices for homes for sale in The Outpost Estates can range between $1.5 and $3.3 million, and sometimes higher. Those who want to live in this neighborhood need to secure the help of an experienced real estate agent who specializes in LA County real estate.

Residents who live in The Outpost Estates may be assigned to one of three elementary schools. There is one middle school and one high school serving this neighborhood. The neighborhood’s close proximity to Hollywood means that those who live here can walk to many nearby attractions, including the many farmer’s market as well as cultural activities.

The Outpost Estates continues to showcase the historical glitz and glamour that defined the golden age of Hollywood. Residents here can take a step back in time without sacrificing modern conveniences and advancements. For more information on Outpost Estates homes for sale or upcoming homes for sale, contact our real estate team today.


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