Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills Mansions and Homes for Sale

Multi-million dollar homes are the norm in Los Angeles, where celebrities and powerful business professionals have long found peace and privacy amid the luxury of this infamous city. However, there’s nothing in the city quite like Holmby Hills. This elite neighborhood features monumental mansions that are often considered to be some of the highest-priced homes in the entire country. If you are seeking Holmby Hills mansions and homes for sale we can help you.

Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills Mansions Information

Recently, the Playboy Mansion was sold in Holmby Hills for $100 million, and heiress Petra Stunt listed her estate for $200 million. These staggering prices are unimaginable to the average home buyer, but for billionaires this is a normal business transaction. These aren’t the only examples of excessive luxury and opulence in this community — Holmby Hills mansions and homes for sale in can range anywhere from $8 million to $27 million or even $88 million. 

Despite the fact that many modern estates currently comprise this neighborhood, it actually was first developed in the early days of the 20th century when Hollywood was just coming into its own. Today, residents are able to enjoy its two parks which offer unique amenities such as lawn bowling and golf as well as playgrounds for young children. The Los Angeles Unified School District serves the residents of this community, and there also are several private schools nearby for parents to consider.

Influential and famous people have found this neighborhood to be a haven from the realities for their daily life. Celebrities who have lived in Holmby Hills Mansions include Walt Disney and Neil Diamond. 

Those who have an appreciation for the finer things in life and prefer to live in grand, opulent settings will simply adore Holmby Hills. Find out more about this exclusively luxurious community by contacting our real estate team, who specializes in luxury real estate sales in Los Angeles County.


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