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Once belonging to the Doheny Ranch, the land that comprises the Trousdale Estate neighborhood is now the best example of mid-century modern chic architecture in the surrounding region. The properties within the Trousdale Estates development all boast terraced lots, and each home offers insight into the architectural trends of the 1960s. If you are seeking Trousdale Estates homes for sale inquire within.

Trousdale estates homes for sale

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Trousdale Estates Real Estate Information

If you are interested in Trousdale estates homes for sale you are likely interested in the unique construction and architectural details of these homes. The Trousdale estates have long been a popular place to reside amongst the Hollywood elite and those who love to live beside them. Each house within this community is different than the one beside it, which means that the prices for the homes for sale in Trousdale Estates vary greatly, while one home may fetch about $2 million, another may be priced closer to $20 million. 

With about 500 lots, the neighborhood was developed under the strict direction of several famed architects. The original building team made sure that every home had a limit on how high its roof could be, so as not to obstruct the panoramic views of the other neighbors within the development. While future renovations did eventually impair the views of some residents, most people who live in the exclusive Trousdale Estates Homes enjoy perfect views from their hilltop homes. 

Considering the fact that the neighborhood is protected by guards 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and expertly-crafted landscaping offer natural privacy, celebrities have long found solace in this community. Famous residents of Trousdale Estates include Richard Perry, David Spade, and Vera Wang. 

Trousdale Estates Home is the perfect place for those who want a property that is distinguished, interesting, and private. Buyers who are interested in Trousdale estates homes for sale will want to work with a real estate team that has the finesse and inclination needed to get into this highly-competitive market. For more information, contact our real estate team via our contact page today.


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