Renting a luxury condo in Los Angeles is trickier than you think. The extravagant condominiums feature breathtaking facilities and architecture – all of which are enough to distract you from asking the important questions. Even if the condo seems like the perfect place to live, take a moment to stop and assess whether the condo is suitable to be a comfortable living space.

Here are seven questions you need to ask yourself and the real estate agent before renting a luxury condo!

1.     Is the Location Convenient for You?

You will have to be very vigilant about this feature. A condo situation in an unconnected or awkward location will cost you lower than a condo that is strategically located. Before confirming your lease, assess whether the location is good enough for you. Think about the additional commute costs and how they will impact your overall living expenses. Consider asking the following questions:

2.     Does the Condo Fulfill Your Needs?

It is easy to be swayed by the amenities of a luxury condo. But be careful and keep a check on your household necessities. You may get tempted by the irrelevant features at first, only to find out later that they are of no use to you. Luxury condos are designed to give you a lavish lifestyle, so they will have many things that you desire but don’t really but. But remember to only consider the extra facilities once your basic requirements have been met.

3.     Are You Allowed to Decorate the Apartment?

Renting a luxury condo means that even if you pay for living in the condo, you won’t legally own it. Therefore, you should be clear about how the landlord wants to keep it. Many leases specifically mention that you must restore the condo to its original condition before moving out.

Do ask your agent or landlord to clearly state the conditions of using the property before you agree to rent the condo. The ideal thing to do is to get a written or signed agreement on the conditions to prevent any penalties in the future. If you intend on putting up any paintings or wallpapers or changing the color of the walls, make sure to seek permission beforehand.

4.     Will You Have to Pay Extra for the Facilities in the Building?

Almost all luxury buy valium online condominium buildings have shared facilities available. These can range from common fitness centers and swimming pools to indoor and outdoor gaming areas and indoor co-working spaces. Although, these facilities are not charged, you should always ask whether you’ll be required to pay any fee or monthly charges to use them. If you choose to opt for the facilities, your landlord will either add the charges in the gross monthly rent or will guide you on how to go ahead with it. Asking this question will save you from falling into the trap of paying a hefty rent thinking that it includes the facilities – when it doesn’t.

5.     Will You Have a Dedicated Parking Spot?

Renting a condo will ensure that you have a living space but it does not necessarily guarantee a parking space too. Even if the building you are considering has a garage or parking lot, do find out if you will have a dedicated parking spot or not. Many places have long waiting lists for allotting parking spaces. Knowing when you will have access to a parking spot will make it easier for you to make alternative arrangements. If your desired condo has valet parking services, don’t shy away from asking how much they charge for it.

6.     What Is the Policy About Keeping Pets?

If you own a pet, the most important question you need to ask is whether your landlord approves of pets. Sometimes, even when the landlord has no issues, the building has its own policy regarding pets. Most luxury condos allow pets that weigh less than 50 pounds, and they prohibit larger pets. Inform the real estate agent or the landlord about your pet and sign the necessary documents for approval before going ahead with the lease.

7.     How’s the Cellular Service?

The condo at the top of a high-rise building may have a beautiful view, but it may not have the best cellular service. See for yourself whether the cellular service you use is working fine inside the condo or not. Ask around if the condominium building offers any technological workaround that solves the network problem. You might have to pay extra charges for a broadband network that connects your calls.

What Now?

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