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If there’s one place with an abundance of million-dollar views, it’s Hollywood Hills. This splendid urban-suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles has a reputation for encapsulating breathtaking scenery and outstanding architecture. What makes home buyers even more curious about this place is because celebrities and famous personalities have often opted to live in Hollywood Hills.

We understand that relocating to this otherwise dreamy neighborhood can be overwhelming. Therefore, in this article, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about living in Hollywood Hills.

Is Hollywood Hills Neighborhood Free from Crimes?

Los Angeles is generally safer than other cities like New Orleans, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Hollywood Hills, according to the crime statistics, has a crime rate that is slightly higher than other neighborhoods in the city. Instances of theft and crime are as common as in the surrounding areas; however, threatening and violent events like explosions or car chasing are very rare.

Don’t forget that when living there, you will have to take safety measures regardless of the crime situation. This neighborhood is near Runyon Canyon, which is a famous hiking spot. So, you may have uninvited hikers showing up in your backyard. To avoid this, you many ideally install security monitoring systems that could keep you well aware of what happens around your house.

What Kind of Schools Are There?  

For home buyers looking for Hollywood Hills CA real estate who have children, schooling is an important aspect when looking for residential properties. And the good news is that Hollywood Hills has plenty of great schooling options! The Valley View Elementary, for instance, is located on the Woodrow Wilson drive and will save you a drive down the hill. It is one of the highest-rated elementary schools in the neighborhood. Other sought after public and private elementary schools include the Oaks School and the Wonderland Elementary. There is also an all-girls middle and high school in the neighborhood – known as the Immaculate Heart. It is a catholic college preparatory school with a brilliant track record of getting college admissions.

Are There Any Entertainment or Nightlife Spots?

Hollywood Hills, being a part of Los Angeles, gives its residents access to numerous entertainment opportunities. From the famous Hollywood Bowl and the Palladium to the Henry Fonda theatre, you can run into brilliant acts of performances at every step of your valium online way. Another way in which residents of Hollywood Hills entertain themselves is by dining out. Even though the neighborhood is overwhelmingly residential, it has several intimate dining places – such as Pace, Griddles Café, and Fig & Olive.

And when it comes to nightlife, there are no doubts that living in the Hollywood Hills is extremely rewarding. You can easily locate some of the best bars and clubs near this area, including The Roger Room, Piano Bar, and No Vacancy. However, keep in mind that although the hills are close to many places in Los Angeles, they have a low walkability score and so they may not seem too accessible without your car. This means that you will not be too close to entertainment opportunities unless you live at the base of the hills.

What Are the Special Features of Hollywood Hills?

The beauty of this neighborhood lies in how it captures the suburban life while providing its residents the kind of amenities they would get in fully urban cities. Some notable features are:

night view of Los Angeles from Hollywood Hills mansion

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