luxury Los Angeles condoThe biggest advantage of living in a condo is the convenience it offers. You have access to all the things you might need in one building, including relaxation and entertainment. Condos in the Wilshire Corridor are well-known for the range of amenities and facilities they provide. Let’s have a look at the popular amenities that buyers look for when buying a condo:

Desirable Location

The location of the condo building is one of the top factors buyers consider. The best condos in the Wilshire Corridor are the ones near markets, medical facilities, and various other attractions. These condos not only offer desirable features and amenities, but also provide the right environment to meet the lifestyle of buyers.

Safety and Security

Many buyers, especially ones with children, look for condos that have enhanced safety and security features. Security cameras in the common areas, guards at the building’s entrance, access key cards to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering, and other such security features are highly valued by condo buyers.

Sufficient Storage Spaces

The downside of condos is that they don’t have the amount of space that comes with a house. This also means there is a lack of storage spaces in condos. Therefore, condos that offer smart storage spaces within the unit or in the building are much in demand.

Additional storage spaces like a bike room, secure lockers, and other such storage units offer security and convenience to condo owners.

Green Living

People are becoming more conscious about preserving the environment and keep an eye out for green living features like energy-efficient appliances, LED light bulbs, low-flow water fixtures, and more. These appliances and features have a positive effect on the environment and help reduce energy consumption, which also lowers the utility bills of condo residents.

Homebuyers understand that making an investment in sustainable features will help increase their savings in the long run. There are numerous condos in the Wilshire Corridors that have utilized environmentally-friendly materials for the construction of the buildings, including high-efficiency cooling and heating systems, installing windows that reduce heat loss, low volatile compound paints and more.

Aside from this, the condo buildings that are aiming to reduce energy and water usage are also appealing to many condo buyers.

Entertainment and Luxury

Amenities that offer entertainment and luxury are always high in demand. There are various condo buildings that offer recreation or party rooms, business centers, swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, a yoga or meditation room, mini theater room, and a barbeque area attract plenty of buyers.

Some of the condos even have a coffee shop and hair salon within the building, as well as landscaped rooftops and much more. Shared spaces are a great way to interact with neighbors and find like-minded people in the same building. While all of these luxurious amenities sound exciting, you must make your decision based on the amenities that will be useful to you and your family.

Amenities for Children

Potential condo buyers with children or who are planning to start a family look for condo buildings that have some amenities for kids, as well. There are various condo buildings that offer a family-friendly environment by providing play areas, daycare facilities, and other group activities for children to increase their playtime.

Some condo associations even organize events for children, like storytelling sessions, music activities, or more such events to provide educational and entertainment elements for children.

Parents also look for condos that are within proximity to children’s hospitals, playgrounds, and good schools.

Condos that are ideally located and offer these desirable amenities are highly preferred by potential buyers as it makes life easy in today’s fast-paced environment. While the trends of sought-after amenities tend to fluctuate with time, location and more storage options will stay among the top desirable features of a condo building.

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