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6 Essential Tips for Renting Out Your Santa Monica Home

Owning a luxury house in Santa Monica can prove to be a rather fruitful experience if you decide to transform it into a rental property. However, it also requires plenty of patience, effort and time on the owner’s part.

It is essential to be well-prepared before you lease out your house and start earning. Being a landlord comes with many responsibilities, and if you don’t play your cards right, this decision might turn out to be a disaster.

Here are six crucial things to do before leasing a luxury home in Santa Monica:

1. Setting a Fair Rent

Setting a fair rent is important if you want to attract the right tenant for your property. There are various things to consider when setting the rent. For instance, the condition and size of the house, the amenities included, and more. If the house has been recently renovated, then you can set a higher rent for the place.

Consult a real estate agent to help you in setting the right rent cost after comparing your property with other luxury rental.

2. Getting Liability Insurance

Renting out a luxury home means the owner can be liable also good practice to carry some sort of Liability insurance that protects the owner. Most local insurance agents should be able to provide you with a quote for Landlords coverage or a general liability.

3. Consulting a Real Estate Agent and Lawyer

Leasing your luxury house might seem simple, but you have to abide by tax laws, property rules and other things that come with the status of being a landlord. These laws and rules might vary from state to state. Therefore, it is essential to consult a real estate agent and an attorney, specializing in rental properties.

Your agent will help you understand the laws and rules you have to abide by, as well as the deductible expenses while ensuring the entire process goes smoothly for you. A real estate attorney can assist you with the tenant and landlord laws and rules for rental homes. They will also create a fair lease for your tenant and you to sign or you can use the standard used by the California association of realtors.

4. Screening the Tenants

It is essential to select the tenant carefully. You don’t want to have a tenant who doesn’t maintain your house in good condition or doesn’t pay their rent on time. Ask the interested renters to provided references and credit histories.

Always get in touch with the references and inquire about the potential renter’s habits and whether they pay their dues on time or not. Screening a tenant is extremely important to protect yourself and your property.

5. Getting a Security Deposit

Many of the luxury house owners neglect to collect the security deposit for the rental house, which is a mistake. Make sure to thoroughly access your house and document any issues on your property. Take pictures if it helps. Create a property condition report and ask your tenant to read and sign it. This will protect you from any potential legal issues.

In case of any property damage, this document will allow you to keep the security deposit. The amount of a security deposit is typically about the same cost as one month’s rent. Your real estate agent can help you in setting the right security deposit fee as per any requirements set by the state.

6. Prepping the House

The luxury homes renters are often choosy and attentive and rightly so since they are renting a house to experience a luxurious life. Their expectations are bound to be high. Therefore, you must prep the house to make sure it is ready for your tenants.

Make sure all the appliances and features are properly working, the house is thoroughly cleaned; keep up with the repair and maintenance of the house, etc. Have the place in top-notch condition before your tenants arrive.

Renting out a luxury home in Santa Monica can prove to be highly beneficial for you, as well as your tenant. But, if you take care of these things and address any other issues before leasing your property. If you want to lease your luxury property and need assistance in finding the right tenant, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pezzini Luxury Homes. Dial 1-310-275-2076, and contact us today!


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