Buy One of Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills Homes for $2.95MAlmost everyone is aware of the famous Rockstar and celebrity that is Taylor Swift. Around 70% of the world population knows her name, whether they listen to her songs or not is a mystery, though. In any event, Taylor Swift is selling her gorgeous and luxury home in Beverly Hills for around 2.95 million dollars. Why is she selling? Honestly? Probably to build her real estate portfolio.  

After hearing this news, many people are starting to believe that she is making a mistake. But let’s leave all the real estate investment business to her and talk about this great house that resides in Beverly Hills, that you might be able to purchase if you have 2.95 million dollars that is.

Let’s reveal the hidden facts:

As aforementioned, the price of the bungalow costs about $295 million dollars. The general opinion of the house is that the price is just about when you factor in the complexity and beauty of the house.

The house, in general, poses many great features and some of the best architectural work that has been witnessed. The house designed on the likings of Taylor Swift herself is bound to be grand. Let us discuss the ins and outs of the house and the most amazing features of this property.

Features that make Swift’s bungalow admirable:

Starting with the features of this property, the color theme of the entire house is very bright and positive. The house consists of beautiful glass walls and white-colored walls. These walls support gorgeous and classy skylights windows that bring out the best in the simple wall colors.

The best thing about any house or property is definitely the kitchen. A saying among real estate businesses goes, “a home is not a home without a good kitchen.” But what is a good kitchen? What quality should it possess, etc.? A good kitchen is spacious and constructed with some trendy features but, in general, has an organized look.

The kitchen in Taylor Swift’s property is designed to impress. Not only is it constructed in a much ideal way, but the architect of the kitchen is also incredibly unique and especially eye-catching. The kitchen provides a great space for a whole cooking team to easily fit in this area and work without any problems. The kitchen is large enough to organize many events and parties without one worrying about space or construction and build-up. The spaciousness of this kitchen is what gives it the most benefits and advantages.

Other than the kitchen built-up, the patio and pool xanax online view are also astounding. The patio is quite simple but is made gorgeous with the killer view of the landscape surrounding this area and the pool. The pool is also beautifully made to awe any visitor or person in general. The entire construction of the pool and patio is large enough to house a pool party with ease. 

The living rooms and hallways and not to mention the bedroom and the study-room are all designed and made according to the modern architectural designs. The entire bungalow gives a homey but stylish vibe. The construction of the house is done in such a way that it is airy, spacious, and incredibly breath-taking. 

Another great deal about this property is that the bungalow homes a 1,000 climate-controlled wine cellar that is so gorgeous and advantageous as well, for all the wine lovers out there.

What else should you know?

Taylor Swift is incredibly famous for her classy personality, her amazing voice, and her beauty, and so many other talents. Arguably, her talents reflect on the design of the bungalow too much as the property has been customized to her personality. From the expensive but artistic and modern looking furniture to the great color coordination and the architectural beauty of the house is nothing to scoff at. 

Words can only express so much about a place that holds memories, speaks of modern art but gives a homey vibe. So, any person who wishes to purchase this breath-taking bungalow can surely visit the property and see for themselves that words really cannot do justice to the incredibility of this property.

Of course, as a real estate investor, Taylor Swift is the owner of many properties and has made many great investments throughout her career. Many news sites and her own interview about the topic revealed that she owns more properties than one can imagine, and she loves investing and positively using her money. Taylor Swift, other than her singing and acting, is famous for having a business mind so, it is no shock that she invests in real estate.


All in all, the property that is on sale is gorgeous and breath-taking. If you think you can purchase it, go ahead, and give the property a visit. There is no way that one cannot like something about this house, as it is perfect for anyone with a little more eccentric and positive mind. This house is a dream house, whether you are barbie or not, it is a dream house.

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