Here are five tips on how to market a luxury vacation home or lease home

5 Tips to

If you’ve been toying with the idea to lease your luxury home throughout Los Angeles County, there are ways we can market that property to the correct renter or potentially a buyer in the future. Whether you have a vacation home or just a luxury property that you plan on leasing, there are certain steps to marketing that luxury home that are slightly different from a typical property.

At Pezzini Luxury Homes, I specialize in luxury lease properties throughout Los Angeles County and can help you market, take care of all of the details, and handle the management process from applicant to general maintenance. If you’re looking to market your luxury home for lease or vacation property, here are five tips on marketing.

#1. Create a high-quality guest manual.

This goes more along the lines of a vacation property but can absolutely be utilized for any type of leased home. This so-called “users guide” for the property can explain everything from how to operate smart home technology, highlight the switches and controls for the home, offer information such as Internet codes, utility information and phone numbers and even trash days. It’s the little touches that really resonate with your tenant and can make your home much more attractive to potential renters.

#2. Use professional photos.

Drone photography and professional photos are necessary when marketing to luxury leasees. Deals can be made or broken depending on the type of photographs used. People want to trust the photos and will need some sort of a walk-through or even a virtual tour to really get a lay of the land. Having a drone operator capture the exterior and surrounding areas of the home is a great way to give your renters a sense of the community and the neighborhood. However, there are certain regulations and restrictions for this type of photography in places like Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills so check with your property manager on the correct etiquette for photography.

#3. Make sure everything works.

If you’re marketing to a luxury renter, they will expect everything to work properly. That leaky faucet, sticky door, or squeaky cabinet could be a potential deal breaker for renters. If necessary, ambien hire a home inspector to go through the property making notes and a checklist of items that need to be corrected before the property can be properly marketed.

#4. Define a service level that may include housekeeping and maintenance.

Luxury renters want to know that things will be taken care of when necessary. In the initial guest manual, you may include items about daily housekeeping, maintenance requests, concierge services, and support. If you want the best of the best in renters you’ll need to offer a service level that meets their expectations. They will need to know who to call in the middle of the night of the power goes out, information on concierge services or just general help with the home and property.

#5. Market through various channels.

As an expert in marketing luxury homes for lease, it is my job and duty to market through a variety of channels. From marketing online to in-person, my network of buyers agents, and renters, all these factors go into utilizing every potential marketing tool available in order to get your property in the hands of the right renter.

When you’re ready to lease your luxury home in Los Angeles County, contact my office at any time. We can run over the project, pricing, fees, and how much profit you stand to procure by renting your vacation home or luxury property.

If you’re interested in learning more about a luxury lease to own option for luxury homes in Malibu, Hollywood Hills, or Beverly Hills, my areas of expertise, contact my office at any time.

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