Los Angeeles luxury safe room

Luxury safe rooms are one of the most desired features in a luxury home in Los Angeles, CA, these days. Many prominent business tycoons and celebrities are insisting on incorporating customized Luxury Panic Rooms in their homes. Read this article to find out how luxury panic rooms are what you need if you want to experience comfort and security simultaneously.

Luxury Panic Rooms – A Luxury or A Necessity?

A safe room is generally a fortified room that is constructed in a building to provide shelter from unexpected or emergency situations that may harm the residents. It serves as the go-to spot for residents when faced with external threats such as terror attacks, home invasion, natural disasters like tornados. Typically built behind false walls, these Luxury Panic Rooms are made using shock-resistant and bulletproof materials that make them the safest spaces in residence.

The reason these safe rooms have garnered so much prominence in the luxury real estate is because of their ability to camouflage themselves in the floor plan and their potential to assure safety in panic situations. Many wealthy and famous homebuyers believe that safe rooms are no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. This change in perspective took place due to the rising incidents of crimes and a heightened sense of terror around.  Luxury home buyers, therefore, believe that having a safe room is an ultimate form of security that they can’t afford to overlook.

What is a Luxury Safe Room?

Although safe rooms are considered as a necessary security measure, luxury safe rooms reflect how the wealthy homebuyers are not ready to settle for discomfort in any form.  Luxury home buyers are aware that extraordinary security measures come at a cost, and they’re willing to pay much more if it also ensures ease. The luxury real estate market trends show that homes with safe rooms that feature lavish amenities are more desirable to prominent buyers. Even better is a place that serves a double purpose – such as a safe room, also being a dressing room. Luxury Panic Rooms, then, appears to be a more like a lavish retreat than a protective shelter.


Features of a Luxury Panic Rooms 

Luxury Safe Room Designs

Luxury homebuyers are always on the lookout for a property that is worth its value. So when it comes down to safe rooms, they want something that stands out from the rest. Unlike the common secret rooms, they want safe rooms to have maximum security features along with a high-quality living space. This demand has changed the way modern Luxury Panic Rooms are designed.

Those who choose to opt for completely hidden rooms want a unique touch to it. For instance, instead of a simple walk-in panic room, they would prefer dropdown ceilings that revealed a staircase into the room or techniques like pulling a book off a bookshelf to reveal a large living space behind it.

But not all homebuyers want safe rooms to be designed as ‘secret’ spaces. Fully functional living spaces like the bedroom, closet, or even bathrooms can be built essentially as a safe room but then also be used for other purposes. In other words, it could be a room used regularly, but with security features like bulletproof windows, flood protected walls, etc.

It is interesting to see how modern, safe room designs play around with the ordinary features of a room to ensure optimum privacy. Some are constructed to have a variety of secret doors that are each disguised differently. Others have unconventional unlocking systems, such as playing the right note of a piano or tapping the wall bricks in a particular order.

Looking For Luxury Panic Rooms?

Luxury Panic Rooms are an example of how comfort and safety can go hand in hand. If you have made up your mind about getting a luxury safe room, don’t hesitate and contact Pezzini Luxury Homes right away! Luis Pezzini one of the top Los Angeles California real estate agents and guarantees to introduce to you mind-blowing luxury properties that you aspire to buy.


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