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Features of an Equestrian Real Estate

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girl hugging a horse at Los Angeles equestrian

An equestrian facility is developed and maintained primarily for the purpose of training, accommodating, and competing ponies and horses. The City of Los Angeles is marked by numerous well-reputed Equestrian Centers – no wonder why horse lovers from all over the country are tempted to buy a horse property in Los Angeles!

If you are considering buying an equestrian real estate for the first time, continue reading this article to find out the essential features that you must look out for.

1. Plenty of Space

Raising strong, healthy horses requires big, open paddocks or pastures that allow enough space to escape during anxious moments or to keep themselves comfortable. Experts suggest that at least 1000 square feet of a dry lot are needed for each horse where it can exercise, avoid forced interactions with other horses and people.

2. Fencing that is Safe for Horses

The fencing itself is not much effective if it is not constructed using a material that is safe for horses. Many horses get injured and often scar themselves simply because of inappropriate fencing such as barbwire. These fencing-related injuries can be avoided by ensuring that the fences in Burbank Equestrian Centers are horse-safe. A few types of fencing you can consider are:

  • Wood fences
  • Nylon-cable fencing
  • Electric high-tension fences

3. Shelter Trees in Turnouts  

Horses generally do well in a natural shelter that features geographic landmarks, hills, trees, etc. However, it is wise to consider the local climate before determining what may be best for horses. In Los Angeles County, the weather is often less harsh than in other parts of the country. But you can still consider a horse property that offers appropriate shade to horses and has wind blocks in place.

4. A Proper Barn

Some people opt-out of having a barn because it needs proper maintenance, and horses are considered to be healthier when they live outside. But many of the best equestrian properties in Los Angles tend to have properly functioning barns because they are wonderful grooming spaces for horses. You can figure out the efficiency of a barn by checking:

  • If it is designed to facilitate proper ventilation and natural light
  • The supply of electricity and water
  • If it has windows for horses to look outside
  • Aisle footing that is slip-resistant
  • Presence of a fire-rated storage room for feed

5. Riding Arena

One feature that you will regret not being careful about is the riding arena. Horse properties in Los Angeles may or may not always have high-quality and spacious riding areas depending on the local property laws. Remember that the more expensive the equestrian facility, the better the arena. A key tip is to look for horse properties in neighborhoods that allow you to have a large arena. Other features of a good riding area are:

  • It has a low-dust ground
  • Three-step wooden fencing
  • A smooth surface that is neither too sticky or loose
  • Proper design that incorporates drainage, footing, base, etc.

horse resting at the ranch in Los Angeles, CA

6. Storage Area

A horse property must dedicate a generous space for storage. The following are three basic storage needs of a good equestrian center.

  • Hay and Feed Storage– If you are housing multiple horses, you would already know that hay takes a lot of space. Therefore, make sure that an area has been reserved for feed storage.
  • Area for Horse Trailer Loading – A well-designed horse property in Los Angeles will certainly feature spaces that are specifically made for trailer loading and unloading. This helps to prevent foreign objects from entering the soft footings or pastures.
  • Composting Area and Manure Storage– As a horse owner, you will be aware of the large amounts of manure there is to manage. Being careless with manure and not keeping the area clean can cause potential health risks. A proper area for composting and storing manure will solve this issue.

Horse Properties in Los Angeles  

Finding your dream horse property in Los Angeles with high-end features may not be too easy at first. To make informed decisions and be guided by top real estate agent in Los Angeles, contact Luis Pezzini of Pezzini Luxury Homes right away! Dial +1-310-275-2076 and get getting to find your desired property within your budget range.

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