How To Enhancing Real Estate With Premium Landscape Lighting

Beverly Hills Home Formerly Owned by Eva Longoria
Beverly Hills Home Formerly Owned by Eva Longoria

All real estate is a potential investment so when we enhance and beautify a property, it’s basically like putting money in the bank. When prospective real estate clients view new property listings in the Hollywood and LA area for example, the unique landscape is often a big part of their initial experience. As visitors approach the home, they always notice the character of the landscape first. When implemented properly, a good landscape design can easily add up to 25% to the value of a property.

In order to capitalize on the value of both the building architecture and the hardscape / landscape, home sellers should recognize that landscape lighting as THE key design element used to bring up the character of the outdoor space. Since most showings are done primarily during the daylight hours, for those truly interested in maximizing the nighttime character of their new real estate, consider a nighttime showing.

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Artistic Value of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can become a true work of art when done in the right composition. It can provide things like subtle highlights and shadowing that create a sense of space. It creates visual focal points that enhance both colors and textures previously unseen in the daylight hours.

Floodlights which mimic high moonlight conditions, although useful in their utility and security can be blinding, so it might make sense to consider replacing them with customized soft downlights. These downlights, when properly placed will highlight the aesthetics of architectural details, stone work and specimen plantings and when properly placed on architecture and trees, can provide a sense of scale to the outdoor spaces.

Functional Value of Landscape Lighting

While aesthetic value is what clients may respond to when viewing a property for the first time, the functional value of landscape lighting is equally important. For instance, proper landscape lighting provides a sense of direction and creates a natural flow that leads a visitor towards the entry ways and guides them along safely lighted walkways and stairways. This creates a great sense of security under nighttime conditions and helps minimize the risk from the criminal element that might seek places to evade detection from people entering.

Sometimes even the simple uplighting of a residential mailbox with a clearly posted address and real estate signage can assist potential buyers when looking for your home in the evening hours. It really helps the pizza guys out too.

Emotional Value of Landscape Lighting

Much time and energy is often spent in an attempt to enhance a property to be listed for sale. Sellers want to make the property as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Landscape lighting is a relatively small investment that can pay large dividends by helping buyers to really envision the property being their future home where they might host events and share life experiences with one another.

As the sunlight dips below the Hollywood Hills, a property should exhibit the same appeals of beauty and security that are visible by day and a well designed outdoor lighting system will create the emotional value that distinguishes your property from other comparable listings.

Despite the daylight grandeur of much of Hollywood’s illustrious real estate properties, many landscape lighting design clients here will spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to enhance their outdoor spaces. Many of these properties become even more beautiful to use during the nighttime hours.

Without landscape lighting, real estate investments can literally become hidden in the shadows, deprived of the real curb appeal that is desirable for maximizing the potential sale of a property.

Light For Each Unique Property and Architecture

Landscape lighting fixtures and lighting effects should be as unique as the architectural styles seen common to any local luxury real estate market. Most residential landscape lighting, when done correctly, is designed to be practically invisible during the day whereby fixtures are camouflaged within the landscape. The effects of the lighting should be seen and ideally, the lights may be seen as integrated and concealed even when in use.

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With current technologies, customized light intensity, unique focal points and unique color hues can be applied and controlled all on a single digital timer or smart automation system. The Brilliance line of products for example, can be controlled from a mobile device. Landscape light fixture housings come in a variety of styles from classic to contemporary and can integrate into a specific architectural style. Materials like cast bronze, machined stainless steel, copper or powder coated aluminum allow for a variety of finishes and textures which can last for very long periods of time even under harsh environmental conditions.

Boston Lightscaping

The landscape lighting market is an emerging one with an increasing array of technologies and controls used to create nearly unlimited potential for maximizing luxury real estate values. Boston Lightscaping is an east coast venture that caters to some fairly discerning tastes who aren’t limited by locale. We’ve heard from clients in other markets across the US and the Los Angeles real estate market that have interests in our neck of the woods. This is a great locale to consider showcasing your next property with some of the latest tech trends in this consumer space.

To discuss lighting options that will enhance the sale of your unique luxury properties, visit our website at or call us at (978) 828 5962.

We would be happy to walk you through the options and the processes for transforming your evening outdoor spaces into beautiful compositions that will add value to your property and set your listing apart from the competition.

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