Bird Streets Los Angeles

Picture this: You are sitting cross-legged on your sofa with a glass of red wine in your hands, enjoying the amazing views of the LA city drowned in bright lights through your floor-to-ceiling glass windows. While you relax in your spacious living room, your children happily play in the den and your significant other enjoys the latest movie in the comforts of a home theatre. Isn’t this how your dream house should look like?

Los Angeles is home to spacious, big houses that make living not only comfortable but also glamorous. Every neighborhood in the city is dotted with to-die-for luxury homes. But, one specific area which has ascended to the heights of popularity is the Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills. . If you happen to walk past the Bird Streets Los Angeles, you would see luxurious Rolls Royce cars moving up and down the street. This neighborhood is the first choice of billionaires – from startup founders, actors, and musicians to internet entrepreneurs, and is unabashedly elitist. Who wouldn’t want a slice of that?

The first question that you may have in your mind is: why should you live in the Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills? Even though the area needs no introduction, we believe that it is always good to list down the reasons for choosing the Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills. 

1. It’s Home to the Most Famous Celebrities

If you are a fan of tabloid newspapers – yes, we’re all guilty of it – you may have read the articles with the headlines “5 famous celebrities who party with their neighbours.” Then, you might have secretly wished for experiencing the time when you’re living next door to a celebrity. Well, the genie is finally out of the bottle and here’s your chance to get what you wanted. The Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills is the lit neighborhood lined with the houses of famous celebrities including Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing from FRIENDS), the heartthrob Leonardo Di Caprio, Gateway Inc. co-founder Tedd Wait. How would you feel if you get a welcome home pie from someone famous? We know we’d love to. Even if you cannot grab a house next to a famous celebrity, there’s a chance that one of them will move to the house next to yours. We rest our case here.

2. Value Appreciation

Back in 2011, the most desirable properties in the Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills in the Hollywood Hills were fetching lucrative deals worth $2,000 per square feet – yes, we can see the gasp from here. Today, the price begins from $3,000 per square feet. This is a 50% increase in the price of properties, despite the economy in recession. We cannot stress enough on the fact that your property is your financial asset. And, you hit a jackpot if you can get a house in an area where property prices keep going higher. This means that you will get a good price on your property whenever you decide to sell it.

3. Nature

Due to living in concrete skyscrapers-filled cities, we have lost touch with nature. Most of us have not heard birds chirping for years. We have become comfortably deaf to the sound of nature. All we listen to is car horns and stubborn engines taking long to start. What happened to waking up to the chirping of birds or going to the office while listening to the melodious whoosh of the winds? Granted that you may be welcomed by a pack of coyotes just outside your house. But these animals are harmless to humans – though you have to be careful about your pets. Besides this, you can also be visited by a family of deer – the beautiful, innocent animals – grazing in your backyard. If you want to reconnect with nature, the Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills is the right choice.

4. A Peaceful Environment

As a tourist, we love to visit densely-crowded areas. Downtown LA is a good place for that – filled with eager tourists running around to capture the beauty of the city in their smartphones. As a resident, however, you’d prefer to live in a peaceful environment where you can enjoy some moments of quietness. You don’t want to hear the sound of a car racing down the street with the people who think it’s cool to blast music on max volume in their car with the windows down. After a long day at work, this is not what you need to come home to. Situated in the hills, the Bird Streets Los Angeles is a blissful escape from the noisy neighborhoods in the central LA. Most of us want to get away from the madness of the city and spend time with their family in a peaceful sanctuary.

5. Modern Architecture

The Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills is a highly sought-after place, thanks to the modern architecture that it hosts. Luxury homes in the area are designed by the famous architectures who have paid attention to every single detail. These houses look like the fantasy homes we used to dream about when we were children. With marble floors, glass windows, and visually appealing paint colors, these luxury homes are worth every dollar you spend on it. Besides master and guest bedrooms, these houses also come with a den, a theatre, and other related features to make your living experience even great.

6. The View

When you are booking a hotel in a foreign country, what is that one thing you pay more attention to? You try to find a room with a balcony. You do understand the importance of living in a place with a nice view. A major chunk of our day is spent in white-colored cubicles with our eyes glued to the monitor screens. The rest of the time is spent on the road, carefully driving our way back to her house. This reminds us of what WH Davies said in his thought-provoking poem ‘Leisure’ – What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare? When you are at your home sweet home, you crave for some moments of solitude. You cannot possibly live in a home with closed windows covered with opaque blinds. You need a place from where you can appreciate the city where dreamers and achievers live. Houses in the Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills have an amazingly beautiful city view. At night, you’d love to sit in your balcony to observe the sky-touching buildings covered in golden dust – the bright lights. The view is equally amazing at daytime when you can see the birds

Wrapping It Up

Hollywood Hills are multiple parts of the Santa Monica mountains, giving you a view which is hard to miss. The place also reminds you of the fact that the place was once the sanctuary of the wild animals who occasionally come out of their habitat to pay a visit to their new neighbors. So, spotting an owl or a raccoon is quite common there – which, for many residents, is a treat.

Even though there are a few cons of living in the Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills, the first being the fact that the area is far away from the center. You may feel secluded from the rest of the city. And, you have to travel a long distance to buy groceries. But the pros of living in the Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills outweigh the negatives – which are also manageable.  You have easy access to all kind of transport that can move you around, and going for grocery shopping or other related things will not be a big deal.

Luxury homes in the Bird Streets Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills are being sold like hot cakes – literally. The prices are also increasing at a high rate, making the homes a perfect investment opportunity for the people. If you are considering buying a home in LA, don’t forget to check out the numerous options you have in the Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills – you will not regret it.   

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