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Are Gated Housing Communities Always Good?

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gated community Los Angeles CAAre you considering moving into a gated community in Bel Air? If yes, then know that you’re not alone. From advanced security to posh exclusivity, Bel Air Crest gated community promises a brilliant living experience. But before you get too optimistic about it, you must be sure if what lies beyond the closed gates is the right fit for you and your family. Not sure what we’re talking about? Read this article as we explore the pros and cons of living in a gated neighborhood.

Pros of Living in a Gated Community

  • Increased Safety– If you love strolling down the sidewalks or casually sitting on the benches in the open air, a gated community is the safest place to buy a home in. You can be carefree about your children playing in front of you or carrying around any valuable item. Because the access to non-residents is restricted, you can be sure that there are only minimal chances of theft, burglary, kidnapping, etc.
  • Controlled Traffic & Slower Vehicle Speeds– For homeowners living in busier parts of Bel Air, it is not uncommon to see busy streets and face-paced vehicles driving around. Reckless driving can be a hazard for you and your children if you often go out to play. Bel Air Crest gated community, like other similar areas, has a strict check on the speed limit that has to be followed when driving on the residential streets. They also tend to stop vehicles on the gate before entering, which automatically resets the driver’s speed baseline.
  • Property Values Increase Over Time – Gated neighborhoods are generally way more expensive to live in as compared to non-gated ones. The Homeowners’ Association (HOA), limited space, and regulations make Bel Air Crestan overwhelmingly exclusive place to live, resulting in increased prices of the properties. However, the trend of high values of rental and housing properties also indicates that the property value will certainly increase with time as well.
  • Sense of Community – No one can deny the increased sense of belonging that gated communities provide. Controlled movement in and out of the neighborhood inculcates a greater awareness among the residents about who is a stranger and who isn’t. This helps in forming trustworthy relationships with fellow residents in the community. Living in Bel Air Crest, you will witness quite a lot of events encouraging integration, such as street sports, block parties, bake sales, etc.

Cons of Living in a Gated Community

  • Permission Required for Entry– While the access for the inhabitants of a gated community is easy and simple, non-residents are often required to stop and wait for a friend or family to call up the security and ask to permit them to enter. In the peak hours or times of emergency, this can be very frustrating and irritating.
  • Living Costs Are High – It is a common understanding that properties in a gated community are relatively more expensive than those in non-gated neighborhoods. But if you think this is the only expense you’ll face, you’re wrong. Most of such neighborhoods have additional costs such as mandatory monthly or yearly community fees, HOA charges, maintenances costs, etc. All of these expenses end up raising your cost of living since you may be required to invest in things that you are not interested in.
  • Long Commutes – One factor that is mostly overlooked is that gated communities are often constructed away from the chaotic city centers. And while this adds to the peacefulness and freshness of the area, it also means that you will have to travel longer distances. In fact, getting out of the community itself is a long enough drive. Be prepared to take long commutes to your job, college, or other services.
  • Lesser Financial Returns – Even Though the strict rules and regulations followed in such communities are what make them secure, but they can also limit your chances of turning your home into a rental or investment property. This means that you may have to give up financially rewarding opportunities at times due to HOA restrictions on the kind of property usage.

Looking for a Home in Bel Air Crest?

The advantages and disadvantages of living in gated communities will hopefully help you make a better decision about whether the Bel Air Crest gated community is the right neighborhood for you or not. If you are convinced to by a home in Bel Air Crest or any other area of Bel Air, get in touch with expert real estate agents at Pezzini Luxury Homes by dialing 1-310-275-2076 or go to



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