If you are mesmerized by the beauty, foods, and diversity in California, know that you’re not alone. Many Americans aspire to move to California in hopes that they will get access to the brilliant amenities in one of the largest states of the country. For those who have finally made their mind to shift to this state, it is important to remember that not being prepared can ruin the entire purpose of having an exciting relocation.

If you’re one of those, don’t worry! Read this article to find out:

What to Expect in California?

California is a large state that is both expensive and expansive. Many individuals who relocate to this state initially overlook the ground realities and later regret not knowing things beforehand.  A few things that you must expect are:

California Has a Variety of Different Climates

Generally, it is known to have sunny and warm weather. But given the varied topography within this vast state, you can expect different cities to have different climates – also called microclimates. So even though one area may feel tremendously warm, another area not too far can be pleasant and airy. Beware, however, that this state gets lesser rain than in other states, and droughts and wildfires in California have been a consistent issue over the years.

Cost of Living is High

Almost all the cities in California are among the most expensive ones in the country. Whether you plan on buying a house or leasing one, keep in mind that you will have to expand your budget. The utilities and amenities also come at a higher price, so you will naturally have to stretch your pockets or to limit your expenses. This issue is only partially balanced by the wage rates in California, which are higher than in other states.

Finding Jobs is Easy

The unemployment ratio in California has significantly dropped in the past and continues to stay low. You can expect to find endless job opportunities in a variety of professions. The state is home to significant industries such as agriculture, entertainment, tourism, and trade. The average household income of California’s residents is amongst the highest in the United States.

Everything is at a Distance

Did you know that having a car in California is a necessity? The city planning is spread over large pieces of land, which means that you will have to travel in a car even if you wish to go to a basic utility store. So, you should consider the car insurance cost, gas prices, and other travel expenses before deciding your housing in California.

Where to Live in California?

Deciding where to live in California is difficult because of every city or neighborhood as its unique style and aura. A few popular places to live are:

·         Los Angeles

Being the largest city of the state, Los Angeles is the hub of California’s culture. It has numerous neighborhoods that range from beautiful beach-facing ones to high-end ones. Keep in mind, however, that it has a notorious traffic situation and you will have to cover long distances to travel from one place to another.

·         San Francisco

This city is considered to have variable weather all year long, and the temperatures can fluctuate more often than you think. San Francisco has world-class entertainment opportunities and restaurants that are accessible easily. Unlike Los Angeles, it is a small city with a high density.

·         The Bay Area

The Bay Area is famous for being home to the Silicone Valley and some of the greatest tech giants and universities of the world. You will not be disappointed when it comes to beauty – the bay area features plenty of green spaces. This area has a low density, but it is very costly to live here.

How to Move to California?

Once you’ve decided where in California you want to relocate to, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to move. The following are a few useful questions to ask yourself before taking the big step.

Once you move to California, the following are some helpful tips you can follow.

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