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A Guide To Adding an ADU to Your Beverly Hills Home

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What is an ADU?

Adding an adu to your Beverly hills home

Adding an ADU to your Beverly Hills home is not difficult. Any licensed contractor should be able to guide you. 

ADU’s are also known as granny-flats, casitas, or in-law quarters. Essentially an ADU is any complete structure or space operates as a self-contained living area separate from the main home. They typically have a living space, sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom.

ADU’s can be a separate structure in the backyard or be attached to the home. One common method is to convert a garage into a finished area with its own entrance. An other is to improve an existing outdoor space such as a studio or pool cabana.

There are plenty of good reasons to add an ADU to your Beverly Hills home.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans have added ADU’s in the past few decades to:

  • House family members in order to age close to loved ones
  • Increase their property value
  • Create rental income
  • Provide housing for live-in help

Legal Issues. Can I Build an ADU in Beverly Hills?

As the ADU trend has spread quickly, cities has struggled to adapt their codes to meet the obvious demand for this sensible living arrangement. Beverly Hills is no different.

In March of 2022 the Beverly Hills Planning Commission began the task of adopting a set of rules that maintain its charm and livability while allowing residents to build within a legal framework.

Crafting a building code takes months, sometimes years. In the meantime, Beverly Hills has opted to follow Los Angeles County’s lead in ADU regulation, temporary adopting their rules.

Here’s some basic rules you’ll need to know in order to start sketching out your new space.

1. Setbacks. Any new structure is required to be a minimum of 4 feet from neighboring property lines. If space is tight, you may want to consider remodeling a space you already have such as a garage.

2. Rentals. ADU’s are allowed to be rented out. However, short-term rentals (one month or less) are currently not allowed.

3. Size. 16 feet is the tallest you can go up. One bedroom ADU’s can be up to 850 square feet while two-bedroom ADU’s can be 1,000 square feet.

4. Parking. If your property is within a half mile of public transport, no additional parking is required. Further than that and you will have to discuss your options with the planning department.

The Future of ADU’s in Beverly Hills

Adding an ADU to your Beverly Hills home or any home, is a wonderful option for homeowners to enjoy their properties even more. City commissioners have indicated an eagerness to increase the supply of supplemental housing. It’s getting harder to ignore the difficulty for the young and elderly to find living space at a reasonable cost. As a response the city has adopted a plan known as Housing Element to encourage flexible codes.

In California a city has to be at least as permissive in their ADU codes, but isn’t stopped from being more permissive. Beverly Hills seems intent on that route.

A few questions remain.

The city of Beverly Hills is still hammering out a few details. Will a new ADU increase taxable
property values? Should two-story homes be exempt from the 16 foot height limit?

These details, and more, will get ironed out soon. In the meantime, rest assured that if you are considering an ADU for your Beverly Hills home, then your timing is right.

If you have any more questions about legal and design considerations, call us today at 310-275-2076 and we can set up a free consultation to walk the property and come up with a plan of action.

We hope this Guide To Adding an ADU to Your Beverly Hills Home has been helpful.