• Beverly Hills Public Tennis Courts •


Beverly Hills Public Tennis Courts

Tennis is one of the most popular sports played all over the planet. In the years behind us, millions of people enjoy the great matches played by Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, as well as an enviable number of American tennis players. In the past, tennis was intended exclusively for gentlemen, but today it is played by almost everyone. Millions of people around the world like to fill their free time by playing a tennis match with their loved ones inspired by the above mentioned idols. There are several great public courts in Beverly Hills where you can try this dynamic sport that is great for maintaining your psychophysical health and fitness.

Beverly Hills Tennis at the La Cienega Courts

Beverly Hills Tennis holds classes at several locations. One of them is the La Cienega Tennis Center, which has a tradition of almost three decades. The mentioned center has as many as 16 courts that can be rented for playing, as well as a handful of great instructors who hold tennis lessons on several courts every day. After a hard training session or a recreational match, access to the locker rooms is provided, players can take a shower or relax in the Pro Shop. In the Pro Shop, players can rent or buy rackets from the world’s most famous brands. In this place, they can relax by watching tennis matches, have a snack, drink coffee…

This center is a place where the whole family can spend the day playing tennis and enjoying other facilities. At the La Cienega Tennis Center you can see people of all ages, beginners or people who have perfected the level of their game. In addition to private or group tennis lessons, there are numerous camps, clinics and tennis tournaments. In addition to tennis, you can also enjoy the very popular pickleball here.

Other places for playing tennis

In addition to La Cienega Tennis Center, you can enjoy playing this very fun sport at several other great places in Beverly Hills. Weddington Golf and Tennis is a place where, as the name suggests, you can enjoy tennis as well as golf. The whole family can enjoy the club, which was founded at the end of the 19th century. Beginners who can improve their game as well as seasoned players can have fun here. Westwood tennis court is a very welcoming place for those who want to rent courts for competitive white sports at very affordable prices.

The price of renting the field is only 8 dollars. Beverly Hills Academy offers its visitors private and group tennis lessons on the beaches of Santa Monica. You can enjoy playing tennis in a divine environment. As on other courts, here you can see kids, beginners, adults or almost entire families who come to play tennis on the courts located near beautiful beaches where they can relax after a tennis match. Tennis lessons for people of all ages have been held at this place for almost two decades with great success.