Unlike regular homes, luxury homes are quite difficult to sell. Are you having a hard time selling your luxury home? If yes, read this article to find out seven incredible tips that will ensure that your home is sold at a fair market value and in a short time.

Tip 1: Hire a Professional Photographer

The pictures of your luxury home are going to cast the first impression in your potential buyer’s mind. Therefore, you must seriously consider investing in a professional photographer who has a high-quality camera. To make your online presence stand out and give your listing an extra boost, you can add a virtual tour video. This will give buyers the opportunity to see what the house is like and generate curiosity about other aspects of the house. A virtual tour will be extremely helpful in attracting buyers who live outside Los Angeles or those who can’t physically visit the property.

Tip 2: Use Wise Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, online and offline marketing encompasses several promotional strategies that pique interest and increase exposure. Know your buyer and target the market accordingly. Some smart marketing techniques include:

Tip 3: Find a Social Media-Savvy Agent

Randomly posting on social media will not help you unless you ensure your content is directed towards your target audience. For example, Facebook is an extremely useful tool for creating a solid brand image of a luxury property. Its algorithms allow you to reach out to your target audience way more easily than you think. Hiring a real estate agent who is well-aware of utilizing these algorithms to their full potential can increase your chances of making a sale.

Tip 4: Reconsider Open Houses

Open houses are often seen to be a necessary promotional tactic when selling houses. However, they don’t work too well for luxury homes. This is because open houses in luxury homes attract buyers as well as non-buyers who may just come to marvel at the house. The non-buyers usually include people who can’t afford to buy a luxury home and even those who are affluent but don’t intend to. Instead of arranging an open house, it is better to do a public open house for realtors only. This will not only help in listing your luxury home for sale, but it will also help in networking with some of the best real estate agents in town.

Tip 5: Offer Perks

Even though the luxury home market is not too big, there’s always some form of competition and you must find a way to stand out. An interesting way of making a long-lasting impression is to offer perks in addition to all the other features of your luxury home. This could include anything from a complimenting piano set to a custom sofa set. However, don’t overspend on the perks because the sole purpose of making small or minor additions is to attract prospective buyers.

Tip 6: Emphasize on the Selling Points

It is common knowledge that luxury homes are big, expensive, and extravagant. When selling a luxury home, keep in mind that all the other high-end properties are going to have the same basic features. So, to gain attention, a good trick is to highlight the less-common things that make your home special and downplay the things that your buyer may easily find elsewhere. For instance, instead of pointing out to the overall grandness of your home, you can talk about a uniquely designed wall or roof of your living room. Being specific always helps in pulling the buyers in!

Tip 7: Portray the Location & Lifestyle Honestly

Many first-time sellers often lie or hide the undesired features of their home. This is an extremely wrong and ineffective tactic because all it does is push the buyers away. By not properly showcasing the lifestyle and location details in the listing information, you will lose the trust of potential buyers once they visit the property themselves. Therefore, make sure to display the location and lifestyle inside and outside your luxury home.

Wrapping It Up!

Although these tips are effective on their own, they will produce better results when you have a credible real estate expert on board with you. If you are selling a luxury home in Los Angeles, get in-touch with Pezzini Luxury Homes right away to make a successful sale!

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