luxury Beverly Hills real estate Anyone looking for wealth, luxury, art, or fame coming together in one place must visit the Beverly Hills. No wonder many Hollywood stars and famous personalities have opted to live in the posh neighborhood of Los Angeles. Because of its small size, Beverly Hills has often been considered to lack attraction areas other than celebrity houses and expensive shopping stores. If you have been living in or around Beverly Hills, you would know that there’s more to it than all that.

The following are the top 7 best things to do in Beverly Hills that you must consider for your next trip to this amusing neighborhood!

1. Tour the Virginia Robinson Gardens

Did you know that out of all the estates in the Beverly Hills, the Robinson estate has the distinction of being the first-ever luxury estate in the neighborhood? It has made its place in the National Register of Historic Places, and there is no doubt that this historical six-acre property is worth visiting. It includes a pool pavilion, several unique gardens, and a huge mansion – all of which are open for the public on selected days.

2. Visit the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

If you have never missed the Academy Awards on TV, you better not miss a visit to the Academy! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is responsible for organizing the yearly Academy Awards and hence, has a lot of significance attached to it. From movie screenings to rotating exhibits, the Academy offers many perks to its visitors who can experience the time of their lives.

3. Shop at the Farmers’ Market

Extravagant retail stores aren’t the only places to shop in Beverly Hills. Farmers’ Market in the neighborhood is a hot spot for visitors who can access over 60 stalls, displaying fresh farm produce and specialty items. From French crepes to live musical entertainment, you can find multiple ways of enjoying your time strolling around the beautiful market.

4. Consider Taking the Beverly Hills Trolley Tour

One of the best things to do in Beverly Hills is to explore the marvels and beauty it has. One easy and simple way to do so is to take the open-air prednisone online trolley tour that can give you an overview of the city within 40 minutes. The tour includes:

And guess what? If you’re lucky enough to take the Beverly Hills trolley tour during the Christmas season, you will experience unique Christmas treats!

5. Sightsee the Enormous Greystone Mansion

Built during the 1920s, the Greystone Mansion covers a massive piece of land and features 55 rooms. It is situated in the Doheny Estates and features luxury amenities such as a billiard room, bowling alley, movie theatre, etc. Beverly Hills acquired this estate in 1965 before which it was frequently used as a filming location and as a venue for private events. With noteworthy architectural designs and lavish furniture items, this enormous mansion is worth visiting. It is open for the public daily, but access may be restricted to some parts in case they are booked for private events.

6. Stroll Over to the City Hall and Civic Center

Fans of the Spanish Renaissance architecture can not and should not miss out on the opportunity of visiting the city hall in Beverly Hills. Created in 1932 and later renovated in 1982, this hall is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Los Angeles. Don’t get confused if the cupola and tiled dome seem familiar to you because they have often been featured in several TV shows and movies. In 1990, the Civic Center was built, having a similar architectural style and worth all the hype.

7. Go Window Shopping Along the Rodeo Drive

The moment you step on the Rodeo Drive, you just can’t resist the Pretty Woman vibes! Even though only the affluent can afford to buy from the high-end designer shops on Rodeo, many choose to walk along the cobbled walkway and witness the grandness of the area.

Thinking of Living in Beverly Hills?

In case all these fun things to do in Beverly Hills have convinced you to move into the neighborhood, don’t think twice and start looking for a suitable house. Experienced Beverly Hills real estate agent at the Pezzini Luxury Homes can help you find the best of properties that perfectly match your budget constraints.


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