Three Reasons Why It Is Important to Sign a Lease Agreement

signing a lease agreement for house in Malibu, CA

When leasing a luxury home in Malibu you must be vigilant about several things. The most important of these is the signing of the rental or lease contract. Any competent real estate company in Malibu will suggest you be careful when signing the lease regardless of whether your prospective tenant in the rental property is a close friend or a stranger.

Landlords, and especially luxury homeowners, are advised to make sure that the selected tenant signs the rental contract before moving into or occupying your luxury home. Not sure why? Read this article to find out 3 significant reasons why signing a lease agreement is important when leasing your home in Malibu.

1. It Shows Acceptance of Liability

All rental contracts have the terms and conditions related to property usage mentioned. When the lease is signed by the tenant, it signifies that the person has agreed and given consent to all the terms. This legal evidence gives you an assurance that the tenant will remain liable if anything goes wrong.

2. It Provides You Legal Authority

The lease agreement is a legal document. When your tenants sign it before you, it means that they are giving you the moral and legal authority over your property as a landlord. Since it is a legally binding document, your tenants will ensure not go beyond or break any conditions of the tenancy agreement. A few things that you will directly have authority over may include:

3. It Verifies the Condition of Your Home

Disputes over the inventory and condition of the property often arise when the lease of a property ends. In Malibu luxury real estate, there is a lot to lose if the home is not taken care of. You must know that disagreements will inevitably happen if you don’t lay down clearly what the condition of your property is when you hand it over to the tenants. The acknowledgment of the inventory items and physical aspects of the luxury home in Malibu will save you from the trouble of any future issues.

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