Are you planning to put up your home for sale? To help you attract more buyers, here’s a list of ten proven tips for preparing your home for sale.

1. Sweep, Dust, & Clean

Whether you hire a cleaning service or take the DIY route, you must make sure that your house is absolutely clean before it welcomes buyers. Not only does a clean house leave a brilliant impression, but it also makes the buyers believe that the conditions inside are hygienic. As you clean, don’t forget to:

2. De-clutter

A clutter-free home allows the buyers to focus on the more impressive aspects and structure of your house. Remove any clutter, including piled shoes at the door, old newspapers stacked on a shelf, and other items, to make the gorgeous features of your house prominent.

3. Repaint the Walls

There’s nothing wrong with painting your home in colors that resonate with you and your personality. But when you’re preparing your home for sale, bear in mind that not all buyers will appreciate the colors you chose. So it’s always best to repaint your walls with neutral colors such as white or shades of white to emphasize the space instead of the walls.

4. Neutralize Foul Odors

If you think that going overboard with scented candles and air conditioners will attract your buyers, you’re wrong. All you need to do is to neutralize any bad odors and leave behind a clean smell that doesn’t overpower the buyer’s sense. To do this, you can:

5. Improve the Entrance

The first impression goes a long way, which is why having an attractive entrance will convince the buyer to develop positive feelings about your home. In case you’re on a shoestring budget and can’t change the entrance door, you can simply spruce it up by repainting and adding plants or even accessories such as a doormat.

6. Brighten the House

Nothing makes ordinary things look better like natural light! Open your curtain and blinds to allow the sunlight to enter or add a table or floor lamp to give your house a warmer, bigger, and more welcoming feel. If you live in a sunny area, you should also consider placing light curtains that don’t completely restrict natural light.

7. Organize Drawers & Closets

Unorganized homes give away the impression that there is not enough storage space – which can be a big turn off for homebuyers. To prepare your home for sale, you should:

8. Have Simple Décor

Everyone has different tastes, which is why you should be open to the possibility that overdoing the décor can push the buyer away. Keep things simple and remove any oversized or extra items to give your house a spacious look.

9. Highlight Focal Points

To divert your buyer’s attention towards the impressive features, use bright accents and colors that make those features stand out.

10.  Hire a Professional Photographer

Low-resolution pictures can make a buyer overlook your house. Having a professional photographer take photos will help in attracting buyers who view your house online.

What Next?

Remember that most homebuyers are picky and want only what’s best. So you must ensure that you have prepared your home for sale right before you sell it!

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