10 Los Angeles Attractions You Have to Visit

Los Angeles is a blooming, vibrant US City with an incredibly strong economy, and many of the world’s greatest treasures. But with so much to do and see, what are the top picks? After all, unless you live there and don’t need to work, you don’t have all the time in the world.

This article summarises the top 8 things you should see during your visit to the Vibrant Los Angeles.

Hollywood signThe Famous Hollywood Sign

If you take a hike up Griffith Park, you’ll see the grand Hollywood sign. Interestingly, only part of the sign stands today from when it was erected – it used to read “HOLLYWOODLAND”, but ended up being changed after some time, and in 2005 it was repainted.

This is number one, as it really shouldn’t be missed by any visitor.

Santa Monica Ferris wheelThe Santa Monica Ferris Wheel

Opened in 1996, this Ferris wheel and amusement park (the Pacific Park) have now become an international icon. In fact, this park even featured on the world’s bestselling game – Grand Theft Auto. Rides are incredibly cheap, at $8 per person at the time of writing. The park is truly an icon, and should be visited by all.

Venice canals in Los AngelesVenice Canals

Whilst less famous, these do bring about a tinge that touches the hearts of people who visit. Visitors can sit in a rowboat during sunset, and relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life upon the water. Visiting is free, however hiring a boat and hiring a man to row it for you may cost you.

The area has small footbridges underneath which you travel on the water, so even if you’re not going on a boat, you can still observe the small canal.

Hollywood Walk of FameThe Hollywood Walk of Fame

In every town, and in every city, there’s a place that locals will avoid as though it were the bubonic plague. The Hollywood walk of fame is one of these places – not very attractive for the locals, but constantly bombarded with tourists all throughout the year.

There are more than 2,600 stars on the walk, each engraved with the name of a star that made his or her mark on the world. Michael Jackson’s is one of them – so go see them all!

Zuma beach in MalibuZuma Beach

With some of the cleanest waters around the US Border, along with plenty of food and drink facilities, there’s no wonder this location is on the list. Without a doubt, this is one of the most pleasant beaches in the US. Jet Ski’s are usually available for hire, and you don’t get that everywhere.

The sand on Zuma Beach is famous for its incredibly comforting softness, making it perfect for a game of volleyball on the beach!

OUE Skyscape buildingOUE Skyspace LA

If you’re afraid of heights, this attraction certainly won’t be your cup of tea. But if you’re someone who’s dreamed of sliding down a see-through slide, starting at just under 1000 feet in the air, then Skyspace LA is certainly for you.

Seriously – it’s a big glass slide that you can observe the city from, and it’s California’s tallest observation tower. Go and see it!


Dodgers stadium LADodger Stadium

If you’re somebody who’s decided that baseball is the best sport in existence, then go and catch a game at dodger stadium. Its famous for it’s incredible viewing sights and surprisingly comfortable seats, as well as being surrounded by hundreds of highly-reviewed food places, that all Americans love.

Universal Studios entry gateHollywood’s Universal Studios Tour

As the world’s “entertainment capital”, of course you’ll get to see some studios, and get shown around the ins and outs of them. They’re not cheap, with tour prices starting at $133 for children, but they’re certainly worth it and unforgettable.

Not many people are fortunate enough to visit an attraction of this kind. This is really something you want to visit, especially in this century, when it couldn’t be more utilized.

Walt Disney concert hall LAThe Walt Disney Concert Hall

And if you’re a fan of music, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is for you. Depending on your taste, the architecture can either be the best sight you’ve ever beheld and will ever behold, or be nothing but a few ugly shards sticking out of the ground.

Not much can beat this sight – it really is a national treasure for the USA, and one of the most moving, powerful and long-lasting experiences available anywhere in California.

Rodeo Drive shops in Beverly HillsRodeo Drive

If you’re a fan of shopping and spending money, you’re going to want to visit Rodeo Drive. With over 100 shops and shopping centers for all the latest fashion and some tech, you’re not going to run out of things to buy – but you’ll likely run out of cash quite quickly.

No attraction can beat Rodeo Drive for affluent shoppers. If the beach isn’t your thing, and you don’t like heights, go here.

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