For people who adore panoramic views of nature, living in Hollywood Hills is a dream. From bright days to celestial nights, Hollywood Hills promises an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life along with proximity to Los Angeles’s ingenious energy. Despite the overwhelming charm of this hillside neighborhood, you can’t just pack your bags and get going.

Read our brief guide to learn all you need to know before moving to Hollywood Hills!

It Is a Massive Neighborhood

The Hollywood Hill region is composed of two main areas, namely Hollywood Hills West and Hollywood Hills East. Both these areas are separated by a Cahuenga pass – also known as 101 Freeway – and each side of the pass is marked by various modern and historic parks, canyons, and neighborhoods. Here are some noteworthy areas of the Hollywood Hills that you may consider buying or leasing a home in:

It Has a Diverse Range of Homes and Architecture

From eccentric luxury bungalows to traditional mansions, the Hollywood Hills are dotted with homes that reflect the diversity of its residents. One thing that remains common amid all the diversity is the lush environment that surrounds homes of all shapes and sizes. The infrastructure and design of this neighborhood are extremely tempting for homebuyers, but you’ll be disappointed if you don’t know what to expect. Here are a few things that you must know before stepping in the Hollywood Hills real estate market:

Popular & Historic Places in Hollywood Hills

This neighborhood is a heaven for hikers ambien Online simply because of the abundance of hiking opportunities in the area. From easy access to trailheads to clear pathways for pedaling, Hollywood Hills has the infrastructure that supports all kinds of activities. You can exercise, run, or walk in an environment that is free of bustling traffic or frenetic sidewalks. A few popular and historic sites in the neighborhood that will keep you engaged are:

Opportunities for Commercial Activities

Although Hollywood Hills comes across as a purely residential neighborhood from a distance, it does host plenty of commercial avenues of entertainment for residents. You can spot the widest assortment of hotels and restaurants in and around the Sunset Strip, along with a variety of renowned clubs and bars.

In downtown Hollywood, you will be surprised to see a very busy nightlife scene, especially on weekends. There have also been rapid developments in the neighborhood – so you can expect to see additional places such as Trader Joe’s and Hollywood Farmers’ Market.

One drawback, however, is that you must own a car when living in Hollywood Hills. This is because the commute from one place to another is at a driving distance. Therefore, be prepared in advance to buy or lease a car and expand your budget for fuel expenses.

Looking for a Home in Hollywood Hills?

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