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5 qualities you want in a luxury Real Estate Agent in beverly hills

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Not sure what qualities to look for in a luxury real estate agent in Beverly Hills? Stop worrying and start taking notes! The following are key characteristics that you must consider when making your decision.

Whether you want to buy, sell, or lease luxury real estate in Beverly Hills, having a real estate agent on board will always be of tremendous help. However, an inefficient and unreliable agent can cause you more harm than good. Therefore, you need to know how to recognize a credible and qualified real estate agent before you hire one.

Quality #1: Possess Tremendous Industry Knowledge

One characteristic that forms the foundation of any agent’s expertise is their knowledge base. The luxury real estate is a unique market with its requirements and limitations. Not all luxury real estate agents in Beverly Hills can efficiently navigate in the luxury market. Therefore, you must be sure that the agent or company you wish to hire has a significant amount of insight into the market dynamics. Such an agent will not only guide you aptly but will also take time to survey and understand your luxury property so that it can be pitched correctly.

Quality #2: Must Have an Impressive Network

Like most other professions, luxury real estate agents in Beverly Hills must also have an impressive network. In some ways, it is more important for them than others because the market for luxury properties is not as dense and massive as it is for other properties. Additionally, not all luxury property owners are in favor of publically listing their real estate due to security reasons. Hence, an agent with an extensive network with potential luxury buyers and other agents in the area will be extremely beneficial.

Good luxury real estate agents in Beverly Hills tend to know the art of penetrating through the target market and getting in sync with the right people. For instance, if you want to buy a luxury house, a well-connected real estate agent will ensure that you get to explore as many options as possible by approaching reliable sellers through their networks.

Quality #3: Marketing Skills Should Be Exceptional

You just can’t overlook this quality! An agent with minimal marketing skills will waste your time and money. Successful luxury real estate agents in Beverly Hills are also strong marketers and well-aware of strategies that could maximize the outreach to the target audience. These days, about 90% of the home buyers look for homes online, but this doesn’t make agents irrelevant at all. Great agents educate themselves about both online and offline marketing tricks to attract prospective buyers.

To see whether your agent is tech-savvy or not, look for:

  • How photos and videos have been used
  • The kind of content used in advertisements and online posts
  • Any custom website that the agent has made
  • Client testimonials on the agent’s marketing skills

Remember, however, that being familiar with online marketing does not discount the agents from knowing the conventional real estate marketing methodology. Ideal agents know where to list the property offline, how to promote a luxury home through advertisement materials such as flyers, and which features attract the prospective buyers.

Quality #4: Work Reflects Dedication

This quality is often hard to spot when you have to make a hiring decision just after one meeting. But small behavioral gestures can easily indicate if the agent is dedicated enough.

Here are a few work-related questions for determining the motivation of agents:

  • Are they willing to know your property or motivations?
  • Do their values complement your values and interest?
  • Did they take out time to understand your wants, needs, and priorities?
  • Have they asked questions about your property? Are they aware of the most desirable features of your home?
  • Do they show up on time when you set up an appointment?
  • Have they exaggerated their services and then failed to deliver them?


Hiring a luxury real estate agent in Beverly Hills is costly, so make sure to see if your agent is fluent in market trends and willing to dedicate honest efforts when helping you out.

Quality #5: Knows Etiquette of the Profession

Your agent will be representing you in front of others. Hence, the luxury property agent must know appropriate etiquettes when it comes to dealing with others. A few things to look for are:

  • Transparent and adequate communication
  • Confidentiality
  • Honesty
  • Time management


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a luxury real estate agent in Beverly Hills who possesses all these qualities, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the best luxury real estate agent in Beverly Hills!