Living Luxuriously in Los Angeles: A Guide for Home Buyers

Los Angeles is renowned as an iconic American city where celebrities, the wealthy and the famous reside. Boasting homes of the finest quality, luxury residential real estate in LA is booming. In fact, high-end clientele from across the world are flocking here to get a slice of luxury in the city where American dreams come true. Business magnates, CEOs, TV and film stars, musicians and athletes can be found living throughout its affluent suburbs.

It’s undoubtedly a signature of success to own a luxury LA property. It’s a region well known for its magnificent mansions and spectacular sceneries. From world-class facilities to state of the art designs, the properties and estates you can find here are some of the most expensive in the world. If the opportunity presents itself to snatch up an LA luxury home, it’s a chance not to be missed.

Los Angeles as a city has so much to offer

Why is LA taking off as a growing city for luxury home buyers? It’s likely because of its impressive cultural diversity and lively lifestyle. Boasting perfect weather all year round, LA is home to fantastic beaches, restaurants, services and more. From iconic destinations to being the entertainment hub of the nation, Los Angeles is the all-American goal for individuals across the globe. It’s a luxury market that many yearn to get into.

Particularly for those interested in the entertainment industry, Los Angeles in the place to be. No wonder it attracts those in the show business and the film and television industries, due to the vast opportunities on offer here. If you can score yourself a place in LA, countless doors are opened for you so it’s a fantastic entry point for anyone striving to get into entertainment.

It’s also a beautiful city, built up upon the hills granting picturesque views in almost any direction, from sunrise to sunset. This makes it ideal for constructing stunning homes and properties with unique architectural styles. From the glittering coastline to the bright greenery of the hills, LA has a distinct natural appeal about it. It comes as no surprise that award-winning real estate is developed throughout the region.

Choosing an LA suburb for luxury and style

When looking to purchase a home in LA, what suburbs are best to look at? It ultimately depends on your lifestyle preferences, such as whether you prefer the coastal beaches or the sprawling suburban environment. However, there are definitely a few trending suburbs that are topping the charts for the best places to purchase a luxury property in Los Angeles today.

Santa Monica is a coastal urban destination packed with things to see and do, whereas Toluca Lake is an affluent suburb filled with greenery. Then you have Hollywood Hills as the luxurious neighborhood bordering Universal City and Hollywood, while Bel Air sits at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains and boasts lavish mansions on large blocks of land. Los Feliz is a popular location for more creative and edgy luxury styles, while Brentwood is an upscale neighborhood with a more historic, classic style.

There are plenty of options available for suburbs to purchase high-end luxury real estate. It’s worth exploring the areas to see for yourself what they’re like, but you can rest assured that most are as properous as the house prices might indicate.

LA properties are a hugely profitable investment

If you’re not looking to move homes right now, but are interested in acquiring an investment property for your real estate portfolio, definitely consider buying something in LA. Luxury houses and apartments alike always have high rental prices and solid returns on investments, but in Los Angeles, the profits from rental income can be huge.

In general, luxury real estate is a reliable and profitable choice for investing, because the prices of these tend to remain quite stable while generating high incomes from renters. A significant percentage of people living in LA are renting, meaning there’s a high demand for rental properties and people are willing to pay sometimes lucrative prices for a good location or a particularly luxurious offering.

In fact, real estate prices in LA have risen by over 30% in the last half-decade, and it’s only going up as the area becomes ever more popular. This means that even if you hold onto the property for a few years, you’re guaranteed to make a profit upon selling because of the rising prices.

Who are you competing with over the best properties?

Got your eye on a luxury penthouse apartment or house? Chances are a large number of other people are also fixated on the same property. But what’s the demographic of people who are interested in purchasing LA luxury real estate?

Market analysis shows that both domestic and international buyers are taking an active interest in luxury Los Angeles real estate. There’s an incredible demand from people across the world to buy properties in this Californian city. In fact, over recent years there has been an explosion in record-setting selling prices across many LA suburbs, as celebrities and tech giants claim their sections of real estate.

However, there’s a massive range of luxury properties on the market. While there are some properties selling in excess of $50 million, there are many other impressive homes going for prices in the single-digit millions.

Look no further than Pezzini Luxury Homes

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