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Sitting on the patio, admiring the lush greenery and horses grazing in the pasture is a dream come true for many. This is what potential buyers want when looking for a horse property in Los Angeles. If you are planning to sell your equestrian real estate, having this image in your mind can help you to create a successful marketing strategy.

You must also prepare and renovate your property to make it look more appealing to potential buyers, not just when they browse through your property pictures online but also during the viewing of the property.  Here are a few effective ways to market your horse property in Los Angeles:

#1 Declutter and Maintain the Property

First and foremost, you have to make sure your property is suitable for selling. A well-maintained horse property is what your potential buyers are looking to purchase. Clear off the clutter from all around your property. Be sure to clean out the stables and other buildings thoroughly.

Seeing unnecessary things lying around in the bar, unkempt pasture, and broken fences can be a deal-breaker for buyers. It will be difficult for them to look past all the clutter and mismanaged things on your property.

In fact, this is the perfect opportunity for you to throw away unwanted or damaged things, and organize everything before you move out of the horse property.

#2 Take Professional Photos

Once you have cleared and sorted all the things from the property, and your Burbank equestrian center is looking its best, it is time to take some pictures. The majority of your potential buyers will look up horse properties for sale in Los Angeles on the internet. Good quality and appealing photos will make your property stand out and grab their attention.

Taking pictures from a professional camera or hiring a photographer is a wise decision to get fantastic photos of your property. Be sure to get them from different angles and of different areas that your buyers would want to see, particularly the pasture, barn, and storage areas.

#3 Focus on the Barn

The barn or stable is an important part of your equestrian property, so buyers would want to know more about it. Take more photos of the barn to show it off, and be sure to write an impressive and informative description that highlights its features clearly.

If you have hooks, racks, and other storage areas inside the barn and tack room, highlight that since it is something many potential horse property owners will be interested in.

If there is a riding arena and jumps on the property, set up a course to show it off in pictures and during property viewing. This is how you show buyers how space can be utilized.

young woman riding a horse at Los Angeles horse property

#4 Network at Equine Events

Attend different horse-related events near your area as these are the ideal places to spread the word that your property is available. Start signing up for local events or online updates to get a notification whenever there is an upcoming event.

In these events, interact with different people to promote your property. However, keep in mind that you must do this appropriately and professionally. If you do it right, you are bound to reach out to a few interested parties.

#5 Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective tools to advertise a real estate property. Write up a good description and post it with the best photos of your horse property. Be use to use relevant hashtags so that the post reaches your target market. Include your contact details so that interested buyers can contact you to get more details.

#6 Hire a Real Estate Agent

Promoting your horse property is not easy, especially when you have no experience in selling and or marketing equestrian real estate properties. It is best to bring in an expert to ensure the whole process goes smoothly. An experienced agent knows the best ways of advertising the property to the right audience.

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