The Flats of Beverly Hills

Homes in the Flats of Beverly Hills

Location! Location! Location! Homes in the Flats of Beverly Hills are very exclusive and sought after. When one goes on the market, the area is a buzz.
Concidering homes in the Flats of Beverly Hills is a fantastic choice if you are wanting to live in the Beverly Hills area. Without hesitation, we can say that the Flats is an area created for those who appreciate true luxury and excellence. It is located at the heart of Beverly Hills, ready to offer you all bells and whistles of luxury life, comfort, and convenience. This area is one of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in the USA. 
The Flats are an iconic symbol of luxury life. This area has been a favorite place for A-list celebrities, designers, artists, producers, movie directors, etc. 
The architecture of the community varies widely but still looks fabulous. Nowadays, many new homeowners remodel or completely rebuild their homes. Even when each house is designed and built in its unique way, the general impression of the community is modern and very tasteful. 
The City of Beverly Hills provides outstanding care of their streets and city services, including City Hall, Beverly Hills Fire Department, and the Beverly Hills Police Department. They beautifully take care of all green areas so residents and visitors can enjoy their beauty. 
homes in the flats of Beverly Hills

Just Listed Homes In The Flats Of Beverly Hills

Here is the list of homes in The Flats of Beverly Hills:

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Enjoy the full range of special luxury, being a resident of Beverly Hills Flats.

Buying homes in The Flats of Beverly Hills is not easy as the area is so popular they sell quickly and sometimes never even make it to the MLS. 
As a homeowner in the Flats location, the world is your oyster. For example, you don’t have to worry about driving if you are a “walker”. Everything you might need is within walking distance.  
Now, let’s talk luxury and discover some features you will love.
When considering homes in the Flats of Beverly Hills, know you will be located near a wide range of entertainment and activities. If you are a night fun lover, you are at the right location because everything you need is within walking distance—no more driving, traffic and parking issues. Enjoy walking in your neighborhood and have fun just minutes away from home. Convenient!
There is a wide range of delicious and fancy restaurants around. All you need to do is choose what cuisine you are craving tonight. Suppose you are not in a formal dining mood, not a problem. Flats have their own courtyard where you can gather with friends and family for a BBQ. Enjoy tasty food and communication with your life VIPs.
Shopping opportunities here are luxury without limits. The location itself guarantees world-class shopping. For example, do you know anyone who hasn’t heard about Rodeo Drive? Everyone knows it, and millions worldwide dream of shopping in this area. But lucky you, it can be a regular Saturday ritual because you live just minutes from the Rodeo Drive Mall. Dreams must come true, and you deserve it!
Another reason that homes in the Flats of Beverly Hills is the perfect location for your luxury lifestyle is the closeness of a few beautiful parks: 
  • Truman Park 
  • Levitt Community Park/Pik Fair Park
  • Beverly-Canon Gardens
  • Beverly Garden Parks
  • Will Rogers Memorial Park
  • The Los Angeles Country Club
You may enjoy running or walking around, having a little picnic time with your loved ones, walking with your furry baby, or just reading a new book or issue of your favorite magazine sitting on perfectly cut grass. Isn’t it wonderful? 
Here come a couple of bonuses. Bonus One – the closeness of historic homes in the West Adams Historic District. Bonus Two – the closeness of popular attractions such as The Original Farmers Market, UCLA, and CBS Studio. 

The wide variety of prestigious public and private schools gives you an opportunity of choice.

Also, we have great news if you have kids. There are many excellent public and private schools and early education centers where your little ones can receive a premium quality education. Here we list just a few of them:
  • Children’s World Learning Centers (Day Care Center)
  • Hawthorne Elementary School (Public, grades K-8)
  • El Rodeo Elementary (Public, K-8)
  • Kabbala Children’s Academy (Private, K-8)
  • Page School (Private, K-6)
  • Good Shepherd Catholic School (Private, Pre-K-6)
  • Harpham Hillel Hebrew Academy (Private, K-8)
  • Beverly Hills High School (Public, Grades 9-12).


Enjoy with full luxury and convenience that world offers in The Flats of Beverly Hills.

Homes in the Flats of Beverly Hills are perfectly located for many reasons. The Flats is easily accessible via the I-10 Freeway (and thus all Los Angeles freeways), the 405 Freeway, and Santa Monica Blvd. It is only 20 minutes away from Malibu, 10 minutes away from Hollywood, and in about 30 minutes you will be downtown Los Angeles. Isn’t it convenient?
It is easy to understand why famous and successful people choose the Flats in Beverly Hills as their place to live. It is truly a gorgeous place with all the amenities you can ever dream about. 
The community is a combination of luxury homes, 5-star hotels, fine restaurants, spas, parks, exclusive golf clubs, bowling, and many other great amenities all in one area. Flats Beverly Hills will satisfy your luxury needs, fit your lifestyle, measure your success, and prove your status. 

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