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6 Steps to Consider If You Need a Residential Property Manager

The truth is that it depends. It depends on what you, as a landlord, are willing to deal with and cope with.

Step 1 – Property Maintenance

Now, it’s time to start getting the unit rent ready, painting, and fixing maintenance issues, which are very typical with any property. Once it’s has been completed, then comes renting it out.

Step 2 – Find Tenants

Finding the tenant, showing the unit, providing applications, running credit and background, and choosing the best tenant that fits your needs is not easy and it is best to leave it to your Los Angeles property manager company. You will determine the best start date and security deposit and rent amount.

Step 3 – Legal Issues

Drafting the lease, you may have a lease agreement drafted by your attorney, or you can use a standard lease contract. Most agents use

one provided by their local association, relatively simple document, but it does cover all aspects of the lease that are important to clarify.

Remember, the devil is in the details. If something is important to you, make sure to put it in the lease. If working with an agent, they should be able to advise best practices.

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Step 4 – Move In

Move-in, or delivery date

Best to have a process as things will pop up. Be prepared to make a list of items that need attention. The tenant will most likely bring items up as they will be living on the property. Typically most are minor but essential to address. Here are a few examples.

Step 5 – No Snags

Once delivered, making sure all goes as agreed.

Step 6 – Prolong or Stop

On month 11, send out extension and rate increase, if any, and get the document signs. If they will not renew, then it’s back to step 1.

In summary

As you can see definitely a simple process, but it is a time-consuming process, plus there is always Murphy’s law, and things do pop up.

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