Famously known as an area packed with sidewalk cafes and boutiques, the Sunset Plaza is a neighborhood that is part of the Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Found within the Hollywood Hills area, the Sunset Plaza is strategically located near the Doheny Estates, Birds Streets, Laurel Canyon, and the Sunset Strip. The area is marked by beautifully landscaped medians and Georgian architecture that make it look distinct from the rest of the boulevard.

Many tourists visiting the area can’t get enough of it and wish to live nearby. If you can relate to those visitors, continue reading this article to learn all the reasons why you should go ahead and buy a luxury home in Sunset Plaza.

1. Extraordinary Real Estate

While living in Hollywood Hills is a treat in itself, the luxury homes in the Sunset Plaza are dreamy! The undeniably amusing architecture and a wide variety of luxury housing options tempt you to expand your buying budget and move in at any cost. Sunset Plaza has a reputation for amalgamating country-like feel with the contemporary charm. Steep hills are filled with luxury mansions featuring brilliant amenities and ocean views.

Although the luxury homes are more expensive in this area than most other surrounding towns, an investment in this part of the neighborhood is absolutely worth it. The types of housing styles you can come across in Sunset Plaza are:

2. Strategic Location

Los Angeles is a massive city-based on a vast piece of land. So traveling from one area to another is usually strenuous and tiring. The Sunset Plaza, however, is situated perfectly in a way that allows easy movement across different parts of the city. The driveway has five escape routes – each of which connects you to multiple neighborhoods. From Crescent drive to the Appian Way, its windy trails and roads introduce you to distinct parts of the Sunset Strip.

3. Tremendous Entertainment Opportunities

Buying a home in Sunset Plaza would mean that entertainment and nightlife opportunities will be at your doorstep! A few popular places that you’ll have close access to are:

In addition to these places, you can always expect to come across an energetic night club or a fancy restaurant. And guess what? Even the billboards across the street are worth admiring – especially at sunset!

4. Get Around Without Driving

Residents of Los Angeles often complain about how they get very few opportunities to go anywhere without a car. The Sunset Plaza is the perfect place for people who love to have amenities at a walking distance. Even though the traffic conditions on the Sunset Strip can often be chaotic and frustrating, but the mindful infrastructure of the neighborhood allows you to stroll around on foot.

You may walk to your favorite frozen ice-cream spot within a few minutes and enjoy the country-like feel on your way. Because parking is usually hard to find, many homeowners in Sunset Plaza choose to either walk or use the ride-sharing service available in the neighborhood.

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