You’ve decided to move to LA. You have already planned the layout of your new rooms, found yourself a job, and are planning your new life there. However, the choices of neighborhoods in Los Angeles can be overwhelming for those who do not know the city. Luckily, this guide will help you to find the best district for you and your new lifestyle.

Where are the Nicest Houses in LA?

If you are wondering where to live in LA, we can help you to discover which of the many different districts are perfect for you, with all of their different personalities. For instance, there are many luxury homes in Beverly Hills, a wealthy area which contains many large mansions such as the Pritzer Estate and other luxury homes Los Angeles Beverly Hills and is generally safe to live in. However, the sloped and picturesque Hollywood Hills area is also home to some of the most beautiful houses in LA, situated in a quiet neighborhood and with contemporary yet traditional housing designs.

What is the Richest Neighbourhood in Los Angeles?

There is nothing more luxurious than living in one of the richest areas of LA, of which there are many! From the famous paradise of Beverly Hills to the opulently named Malibu Colony Beach, this is a city that caters to luxury, especially for its array of film stars and producers. However, the title of richest neighborhood currently belongs to Bel Air, whose average house price costs $1,853,384.

The Favorite Areas in LA

Many people wonder “Where are the nicest houses in California?”. However, when looking for luxury in LA, there are many favorite districts which are preferred by people looking to move to the City of Angels. These include Beverly Grove, which, at the heart of the city, provides an easy gateway to both the hustle of city life and the relaxation of LA’s surrounding beaches. Beverly Grove is also home to an array of restaurants, a mall, and movie theater, giving you access to the full array of LA life on offer. Another desirable destination for those looking for luxury homes in Culver City, an emerging district which is starting to keep up and develop the trends of the rest of the city, with its vast expanse covering many of the old stomping grounds of the traditional production studios.

If you want to know the best of where to live in downtown LA, it’s key to remember that this is a vast area that covers many different districts and types of houses, and yet maintains its city vibe, away from the suburbia of many of LA’s neighborhoods. You will have access to a range of entertainment and remain close to many employment opportunities. The South Park and Historic Core districts are probably the best areas for people looking to move to this area.

Los Angeles is an expansive and varied city with many exciting districts in which to live. From the luxury of Beverly Hills and Bel Air to the city vibe of downtown LA, everyone can find the perfect area to suit their lifestyle.

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