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Personal safety today is more of a prime concern than it ever was. And while many people in Los Angeles may feel like they don’t need an armored vehicle, you should remember that investing in your safety must be your number one priority. If anything, increased social injustice, terrorist attacks, and instances of violence will become more frequent in the future.

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What Is an Armored Car?

An armored car is a transport vehicle that is designed to have complete armor-plating to provide optimum protection to the passengers against any attacks. These cars can be customized according to your budget and needs. An armored car in Los Angeles typically has the following special features:

These are a type of cover that is designed to absorb the extreme impact of explosive devices. The blanket lessens the shrapnel that comes off explosives (such as pipe bombs or hand grenades) at the time of the explosion. Good manufacturing companies incorporate a lightweight blanket in the car structure that could suppress the bomb impact.

These tires can enable the car to attain a high speed quickly and run at 50 to 70 miles per hour. Run-flat tires can, therefore, help you escape a dangerous and run to a safe zone within a few minutes.

This feature is inserted in the electric door handle system and connected to a power inverter that helps convert a small battery voltage into a large one. For added safety, a shielded toggle switch is installed inside the car as well.

A rod tack dispenser allows you to escape dangerous situations easily. When the dispenser is deployed, you can remotely release devices from the car’s rear wheels onto the road that damage and deflate tires of other cars following you. A console with a protective shield is installed inside the armored car to activate the dispenser.

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Myths about Armored Cars

Even though armored cars and other vehicles today are more common than before, multiple misconceptions revolve around them and prevent potential buyers from investing in them. The following are some myths about armored vehicles that you should avoid.

When You Need an Armored Car

If you are not sure whether to get an armored car in Los Angeles or not, read the following situations when owning an armored car is necessary.

Final Words!

Whether you own a luxury home or live in an ordinary townhouse, an armored car is the ultimate security measure that you have to invest in when faced with increasing external threats.

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