8 Reason Why you should Live in Doheny Estates in Hollywood Hills?

Imagine living in a hose with marble slabs, ceiling-to-floor windows, and walls of glass. Imagine living in a palatial house that resembles the dream house you saw in interior design magazines. Imagine enjoying this slice of heaven in LA.

Los Angeles is the dream destination for people who want to make it big. The high life of LA is something you cannot miss. Everybody loves to own luxury homes in LA, and with proper planning and a little bit of research, you can easily make your dream come true.

You may have done your homework. You may be in contact with your financial manager deciding on how to arrange the down payment for your new house. But have you decided on the neighborhood in which you will live?

Los Angeles is a big city and each of its neighborhoods has its own importance. The most sought-after location is Hollywood Hills – the magical place lined with the big houses of celebrities. The neighborhood is further divided into various areas and today, we will talk about Doheny Estates in Hollywood Hills.

If you are wondering why you should live in Doheny Estate in Hollywood Hills, we have compiled a list of reasons why the area should be your final choice.

1. A Quiet Place

The hustle and bustle of the city life looks tempting for enthusiastic tourists who love to wander around the area in awe. They love the sound of the cars, the impatient calls of the vendor, and the loud greetings of people. Tourists visit a place for a short time and they are often in awe of the fast-paced life of the metropolitan city. But, if you are living in the city and working in downtown, you crave for the sound of silence, which is quite understandable. Covered under the thick blanket of tranquility and peace, Doheny Estates is for people who want to live in a relaxed environment while being connected to the energy of the city. The big bungalows here are surrounded by lush green scenery, tall trees, beautiful flowers, trimmed grass, and green shrubs.

2. The Design

Doheny Estates in Hollywood Hills is a home to several film producers, rich lawyers, and business tycoons. It is also home to musicians, artists, and writers. Because of the diversity in the neighborhood, you will find the bungalows in different designs – from elegant and sophisticated to funky dwellings. Who wouldn’t love to live in an aesthetically amazing neighborhood? The luxury homes here are designed by the best architects in town.

3. Recreational Activities

Do you see how people living near the beach always boast about having access to the beach? You secretly wish to live in the neighborhood that can provide similar recreational activities, don’t you? For this, living in Hollywood Hills is a perfect choice. The neighborhood provides so many activities for you to take part in and have a life full of adventure and fun. If you are a fan of hiking, you can always go on a hike along one of the several trail networks in local parks. You can also go cycling and enjoy the breathtaking views that the area has to offer.

4. A Secured Environment

Regardless of wherever you live or whether you live alone or with a family, you crave for the sense of security. Neighborhoods with a high crime rate are a no-go area. You cannot risk your life and property and live in a place where criminals stroll on the streets. If you are living with a family and have children, the security factor holds extreme importance. Doheny Estates offers a low crime rate and a sense of community. People are not restricted to their homes, but they come out and develop a bond with fellow neighbors. Living in an area where you feel welcomed, loved, and protected is one of the life goals. Doheny Estates in Hollywood Hills allows you to turn this dream into a reality.

5. Construction Guidelines

A neighborhood with houses of different size and shapes is not visually appealing. It seems that you are in a labyrinth trying to find your way out of it. We love to live in an area which has aesthetical value. Doheny Estates has a set of guidelines that are followed by every homeowner. Each lot has a specific height limit. Gates, fences, and walls require the approval of the Architectural Committee. Rooftop structures, including roof decks, are not allowed as they trample with neighbors’ privacy.

6. Landscape Guidelines

All lots in Doheny Estateshave a garden. But these gardens have strict guidelines that homeowners have to follow carefully. Trees should be properly maintained which means that they should be regularly trimmed so that they don’t obstruct the neighbor’s view. The damage caused to the sidewalk due to the roots of the trees is the responsibility of the homeowner who must take measures to repair the sidewalk. Even though homeowners are allowed to cut trees if they want to build additional structure, homeowners are encouraged to minimize tree cutting. Neighboring trees which interfere with the structure of an adjacent home can only be cut after the approval of the neighbor. However, plants and trees that interfere with neighbor’s views are not allowed.

7. Code of Conduct

We wish to live in a neighborhood where there are no fights. People in the neighborhood are expected to follow a code of conduct to ensure that no neighbor is inconvenienced by other’s behavior. Doheny Estates has a complete ordinance that defines the code of conduct of people living in the neighborhood. People guilty of loud or unruly conduct – trespassing, selling liquor without license, obstruction of the street, etc – are fined and punished accordingly.  

8. Restaurants, Bars, and Shopping

Homeowners living in Doheny Estates want to live a life where they have plenty of options to socialize. The area is surrounded by happening restaurants, bars, and shopping malls. Have a perfect dinner date with your partner in one of the many high-end restaurants in the neighborhood or go out on a Saturday night to a bar with your friends. Make your next stop to luxury designer outlets and shop high-quality products like there is no tomorrow. All these places are highly accessible and you don’t have to travel extra miles to grab a drink or go out on dinner.


Living in LA is a dream come true for many. From movie stars to businessmen, everyone aspires to own a luxury home in the city. The area is definitely a heaven on earth. It is a diverse city which welcomes everyone. Your dreams of settling in LA and owning a luxury home here can come true in no time. But be mindful when looking for a real estate agent for buying the house. Always consult with a reliable professional to have a safe and secure dealing with the landlord.

Doheny Estates in Hollywood Hills is a good option for people who are looking for a peaceful place for themselves and their families. The lavish bungalows with unique designs look like a structure straight out of your fantasies. The security that you can enjoy is, in today’s environment, nothing less than a blessing.

With so many recreational options available, you are destined to have a good time with your family and friends. A peaceful place where people live as a closely-knitted community is perfect for raising a family. You can send your children out for a bicycle ride or for other outdoor games without any worry. The low traffic in the area means that you won’t be disturbed by loud horn noises and can leave peacefully in your comfortable home.

We have heard the phrase “Home Sweet Home.” A home is where the heart is at peace. And your heart is satisfied when you know that you are safe and secure with no danger lurking out on the streets. You are at peace when you know that your children are safe outside. If you want to live in a place that you can call home, Doheny Estates in Hollywood Hills should be your top choice.

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