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What to Expect When Buying a Home in Hollywood Hills

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What to Expect When Buying a Home in Hollywood Hills

Have you finally made your mind about buying a home in Hollywood Hills? If yes, then you must prepare yourself for all the ups and downs associated with moving in one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It is a secluded area located near Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, directly in the north of Sunset Strip. The privacy this neighborhood offers, along with mind-blowing mountain views, has long been drawing homebuyers close to the area.

However, you may not be able to benefit from the perks this neighborhood has to offer without being familiar with the area. Not sure what we’re talking about? Continue reading this article to learn a list of things that you should expect when you step out to buy a home in Hollywood Hills.

Expectation #1: There is a Wide Range of Real Estate

The infrastructure of the neighborhood is studded with properties featuring remarkable architecture. But that doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. From a multi-million dollar luxury home to a relatively affordable single-family home, you can expect to find any housing type that best fits your budget and needs. If you have a restrictive budget, remember that the closer you get to breathtaking views, the more expensive the property will get. For instance, hillside homes cost more in terms of paying insurance as compared to others.

Expectation #2: Sounds of Nature in the Background

Being part of the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains, Hollywood Hills hosts a diversity of plants and animals that live in the local habitat. So, in case you are relocating from a crowded urban life to this isolated neighborhood, you should know that the noise of the city life is likely to be replaced by sounds of nature. And guess what? You might end up enjoying the chirping birds and loud crickets playing tunes in the background. These natural sounds have an incredibly soothing effect on most people. However, if you are not comfortable with it, you might consider looking for homes with sound-proof windows.

Expectation #3: Frequent Sightseeing Tourists

Living in Hollywood Hills, you can’t overlook the brilliant panoramic views around your home. However, be prepared for visitors and tourists who also wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery this place has to offer. From locals walking down the road to tourists driving through the neighborhood, you should expect to have individuals roaming around for sightseeing and stargazing purposes.

Since Hollywood Hills is near the famous ‘Hollywood’ sign, many tourists are seen strolling or driving around the twisty streets in search of the landmark. Many residents of the neighborhood have often reported how this casual movement around the roads has been a source of annoyance and disturbance.

Expectation #4: Lookout for a Fixer-Upper

Homes that are completely ready to move in are usually more convenient for home buyers. But if you are low on budget but still desire to live in a posh locality, the trick is to keep an eye on the fixer-upper housing properties. A fixer-upper is a house that needs repair, and fortunately, there are many such homes in Hollywood Hills.  Although some of these homes are beyond repair, there are some that have the potential to look great with some thoughtful renovation. Think about whether a fixer-upper needs a complete breakdown, or it can be fixed by a simple facelift. And then by considering how much you are willing to spend, you can land yourself a home that could otherwise have been impossible to get!

Expectation #5: Parking Can Get Tricky

Living or working in Hollywood Hills necessitates that you have a car because Los Angeles is an expansive city spread out over a massive piece of land. However, owning a car will not be enough – you must also have your own parking spot. In case you don’t have a private parking space, you may have to park your vehicle in risky areas such as a narrow street, a slant patch, or even on the side of a cliff. In some areas of Hollywood Hills, you can go around parking on the street. But not having a proper parking space in popular areas can be a nightmare.

For more details or for current listings, please see our Hollywood Hills real estate area information page.

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