Trousdale Beverly Hills real estate5 Features of a Modern Luxury Home in Trousdale Estates

If you think mansions are the only form of luxury property, you’re wrong. Homes that are categorized as luxurious are those that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide optimum living experience. The Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills is marked by scattered luxury properties that range from massive mansions to lavish condos and townhouses.

When looking for a luxury home in Trousdale Estates, it is crucial to understand which features are the most sought-after ones in a modern luxury home. The following are the top 5 features that make luxury homes in Trousdale Estates phenomenal and worth every penny of investment.

1. Gourmet Kitchens 

As a homebuyer, you would know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Most homebuyers tend to check out the kitchens of lavish properties and accept or deny the purchase based on whether the kitchen is professionally styled. In other words, modern luxury kitchens have transformed from basic granites to stunning gourmet ones.

But what do these luxury chef kitchens look like? If anything, high-quality appliances are a must! Other than that, you can expect them to have anything between bold and exotic textures to extraordinary culinary fittings. Other items to look for are:

2. Interior Incorporated in the Exterior

An emerging trend that many modern architects are incorporating in their designs is the blending of indoor and outdoor living spaces. The idea behind this is to make the outdoor spaces as lively as possible and integrating them into the structure of the house. Luxury homes in Trousdale Estates feature brilliant exterior spaces that mimic the comfort of the interiors. It is not worth investing large sums of money on a property that is built on a large piece of land but barely utilizes the area around. A few examples of how modern high-end properties make outdoors livable are:

3. Advanced Home Security Systems

A property that is worth millions of dollars needs maximum protection as well. As a prospective luxury homeowner, you must understand that safety has no price and that luxury homes tend to attract unwanted attention. One reason why luxury homes in Trousdale Estates make living in Beverly Hills so rewarding is that they offer top-notch security systems.

So you can expect security measures that are way beyond the installation of a simple alarm system. From 24/7 surveillance systems to authority notification procedures, the security measures ensure minimum false alarm instances and a quick process of alerting the authorities in cases of emergencies.

4.  Smart Technological Features

The contemporary societies have become so dependent on technology that having technological support is no longer a sign of opulence. The luxury properties, therefore, have stepped ahead of simply providing the basic technical assistance and now incorporate smart-tech features such as:

5. Specialized Luxury Rooms

One feature that greatly distinguishes a luxury home from other housing properties is that they don’t just fulfill your needs but also accommodate your wants. Modern luxury homes are designed to include necessary living spaces, but they make your living experience extraordinary by including specialized and enhanced rooms. Some kinds of extraordinary rooms that a luxury home usually includes are:

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