Whether you are moving to Los Angeles for the first time, want to relocate to a different part of LA, or are looking for Los Angeles real estate to invest in, you have your work cut out for you. The city has hundreds of neighborhoods, and deciding which one to pick can be an overwhelming experience.

The good news is that you can save all of that hard work by just going through the following list. These are perfect locations for families who wish to move to LA or want to start a life there:

Frogtown or Elysian Valley

Elysian Valley or Frogtown is home to kind neighbors, innovators, artists, and small businesses that will make you feel right at home. Considered to be one of the best places to live in LA for families and couples, it sits right along the LA River and offers several biking and walking opportunities.


Considered to be one of the safest areas in Los Angeles, Glendale is perfect for families who want to raise their kids in a secure neighborhood. Besides this, it is also quite close to the LA Zoo, gorgeous hiking trails, a museum, and breathtaking mountains that offer several recreational opportunities. Needless to say, your children will have a full and happy childhood growing up in any neighborhood in Glendale.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is known for its great volleyball tournaments, but most people don’t know that it also has family-friendly neighborhoods. In recent years, several restaurants and bars have opened up in the area, making it ideal for couples and even singles who want to mingle. Additionally, Manhattan Beach is also quite close to LAX, making it ideal for traveling enthusiasts and business owners.


Atwater Village

Known as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in LA, Atwater Village is home to a multicultural population as well as restaurants that cater to diverse palettes. It also has an impressive coffee scene. This neighborhood is also home to creative individuals and working-class families, which adds to the neighborhood’s inclusive vibe. It also boasts several hidden gems in the form of a happening nightlife, live music, street art, trivia nights, and much more.

How Pezzini Luxury Homes can Help

Whether you are looking for Los Angeles real estate for purchasing purposes or wish to relocate to another area in LA, Pezzini Luxury Homes can help. We can help you select your home and negotiate the price on your behalf. Find the home of your dreams in the city of angels with help from our real estate professionals by contacting us today!

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