How to Save on Taxes when Selling your Hollywood Hills Home

While investing in a home in Hollywood Hills can be extremely profitable, you need to be prepared to pay some property taxes at the time of selling a property. If you’re wondering how to save up on taxes when selling a home in Hollywood Hills, read the following strategies.

Strategy #1: Payment of the Capital Gains Tax

You may question whether this is a viable strategy given that you want to save up on taxes instead of paying extra ones. But the truth is: by paying the capital gains tax, you will not have to worry about it anymore, and you may freely spend the remaining money whichever way you want. More on, keep in mind that capital gains tax rates are often much lower than the income tax rates. This means that by paying the capital gains tax, you’ll be saving way more than you would otherwise. Not sure if you want to go ahead with this? It’s alright – just run the numbers to decide whether the net investment taxes can establish a good baseline comparison to other taxpaying options.

Strategy #2: Consider the Installment Sale

This strategy allows the partial deferral of capital gain and spreads out the income over time. According to this method of sale, the homebuyers are required to make regular yearly installments and include interest in case the installments are made in subsequent taxation years. The installment sales form a brilliant long-term tax strategy when selling a home in Hollywood Hills. If planned properly, it can allow you to keep your earnings out of high tax brackets. If you decide on considering this strategy, make sure that you understand how your tax returns will be impacted by the installments and that you qualify for the installment sale according to the legal rules.

Strategy #3: Seek the 1031 Exchange Protection

According to the 1031 exchange (also known as like-kind), a taxpayer can sell one property and simultaneously buy another one that is of an equal or greater value. Meanwhile, the taxpayer can wait for the second property to be sold and defer the tax till then. Any home obtained using this exchange can be exchanged klonopin frequently, given that you follow the exchange rules. The good news is: the rules are flexible and simple to follow. So you may even exchange multiple properties for one or vice versa.

This strategy of tax-deferred exchanges is capable of facilitating you to have a significant portfolio growth, defer capital gain taxes and get an increased return of investment. Anyone selling a home in Hollywood Hills can consider this possibility and save themselves from paying too many taxes while purchasing more properties with the proceeds. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the 1031 exchange policy, make sure to learn about it as much as you can to make a decision that is in your best interest.

Strategy #4: Reduce the Capital Gains Tax

If you think you’re losing a lot by paying the capital gains tax, you can try techniques that could help you minimize the tax. A few practical and easy ways of doing so are:

  • Try to live in the home you want to sell for at least two of the five years before you decide to sell it. The gains are not applied to any primary residence that has been inhabited by the owner for at least a couple of years.
  • It is a good idea to sell your property when it is giving you lesser returns or income than usual. And since your tax rate impacts your income, you may want to take benefit from the reduced tax rates by selling your property.
  • Rent your property for no more than three years. This way, not only will you be exempted from the capital gains tax, but will also earn a means of paying your mortgage bills. A primary residence rented for more than three years, however, becomes an investment property.

Consult a Real Estate Agent

Are you not sure how to implement these strategies? The ideal thing to do is to contact a reliable real estate agent. When selling a home in Hollywood Hills, don’t forget to contact the Pezzini Luxury Homes!

You can either dial 1-310-275-2076 or click here to for a consultation from the best agents in the city about how to save taxes on your property for sale.


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