Outpost Estates Los Angeles

Do you secretly wish to be an Angeleno? Living in Los Angeles is the best decision that you can make. It’s an enchanting city with a beautiful landscape and a thriving life that is hard to miss. People from all over America and other parts of the world are settling in the city in search of a perfect life – the city is, in fact, an excellent place for the dreamers who want to go ahead in their lives.

Some dreamers move to the city with their Richie Rich dreams. They want to live in a gigantic and exquisite mansion, adorned with cool and latest features, that has a luxurious indoor and an equally glamorous exterior. All LA neighborhoods, because of this reason, are expensive with the cost of living touching the high, unreachable ceiling.

Living in a luxury home is the final goal for many entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to treat themselves – for lifelong hard work and sacrifice – by owning a big house. The decision to buy a house is followed by an important question: where should you live in LA. Los Angeles is a big city and is home to millions of residences. In the main city section, from Downtown to the beach, there are around 60 distinct pocket neighborhoods that are an ideal place of living. Hollywood Hills also has a fair share of these vibrant pocket neighborhoods.

These secluded, yet inviting neighborhoods are made up of a small number of luxurious houses, and they attract people with unique lifestyles. Located in the eastern section of and often referred to as a jewel in the Hollywood Hills, Outpost Estates Los Angeles is a prestigious and sophisticated area where everyone wants to live.

Outpost Estates Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills is a vibrant neighborhood with beautiful and spacious. The green, lush trees lined in large numbers on almost every street are a good way to keep the air around the neighborhood fresh and pollutant-free.

Driving on the narrow, two-way lanes in Outpost Estates Los Angeles, the area may have appeared to be a bit rustic with lots of trees and low traffic. On the way to the upper part of the hills, even the sparse traffic that you encountered at the beginning begins vanishing. The quiet streets are a treat for the people who have spent their life living in the city center in the sound of traffic and other such things. The secluded enclaves of Outpost Estates Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills are liked by a majority of people. The area ticks the ‘things to consider’ bullet points that a potential buyer has in their mind.

The area also has a cool fact attached to it. There used to be a 30-foot-high neon Outpost sign that was taken down after World War II. No one knew what became of the sign and it remained a mystery for years. Later, the sign came back in sight. The sign remained intact and had remained exactly where it was earlier. Residents then tried to get the sign labeled as an historical-cultural monument, but the proposal was dismissed as the sign was no longer upright.

If you are looking for a house in Outpost Estates Los Angeles, you shouldn’t think twice. You will most probably be joining the team of big celebrities who love to live in this part of the Hollywood Hills. If you have not decided yet and need a little bit of convincing, you must read on to find out the whys behind living in a prestigious, glamorous, and spectacular neighborhood called Outpost Estates Los Angeles.

Why Should You Live in Outpost Estates Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills

While choosing a place to live, it is always good to find out the surrounding areas of the neighborhood. Whether or not you buy a home in a particular area slightly depends on how the distance from the area to the city center and other popular landmarks and recreational places. On this basis, Outpost Estates is a rare find. Let’s have a look at the neighborhood highlights.

1. Runyon Canyon

A short and easy trail loop, Runyon Canyon is an accessible area of Los Angeles mountains. A huge influx of people visit the place, some times accompanied by their furry friends, to have a nice walk in the area. It is the most visited place among weight-watchers and health-conscious Angelenos who walk around the park to burn the extra calories they have consumed.

2. The Magic Castle

Have you ever thought of requesting a ghost to play piano for you? A members-only club near Outpost Estates Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills is an exciting place for magicians to show their tricks. From eating scrumptious meals and sipping on delicious cocktails to watching professional magicians turning flowers into rabbits, you can have a quality time in “the most unusual private club in the world”.

3. Hollywood Bowl

Are you a music fan? If you are living in Outpost Estates in the Hollywood Hills, you will have to travel a short distance to witness the beauty of the majestic Hollywood Bowl. The event is filled with diverse musical performances ranging from classical to folk legends to electronic, a night at the Bowl is hard to miss.

Should You Buy a House in Outpost Estates Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills

The neighborhood is fine and bright, and you love the prospect of having access to some wonderful activities. But, we don’t want to rush into thinking that you’re sold on the idea of owning a house in Outpost Estates. But, we have just the right thing to help you make your decision-making process easier. Here, we will talk about some benefits of living in Outpost Estates in the Hollywood Hills.

1. Affordable Area

Los Angeles is an expensive city. We have seen many people not moving to the city because of high rents and exorbitant prices of houses. Hollywood Hills, because of the prestige and the social status that the area carries, is home to luxury homes that have high prices. Outpost Estates, however, is an affordable place. If money is a big issue for you, you can find a good offer on a house in Outpost Estates Los Angeles. While houses in other neighborhoods in the Hollywood Hills have starting price of more than $10 million, the most expensive that a house can get in Outpost Estates in the Hollywood Hills is around $8 million. There are good opportunities for buyers to buy a house here.

2. Fascinating Architecture

It’s a given that many houses are built according to modern architecture. But in this area, you can find some rare finds such as the houses built following the construction patterns of the 20s, 30s, and 40s – almost all eras of construction. You can see a lot of Spanish architecture that transports you back to the 20s. It’s a cool neighborhood with a blend of Spanish Mediterranean and new homes. So, what are you waiting for?

3. A Celeb-filled Neighborhood

The first thing that you’d notice in Outpost Estates Los Angeles is the smiling face of tourists packed in tour buses. A majority of houses in the area are owned by oh-so-famous actors – so yeah, you don’t only have the chances of a glimpse of your favorite actor, but also, and if luck is on your side, you can live next door to a famous star – gasp!.  

Wrapping it Up

Do you want to live in undivided estates with homes that sit on a lot exceeding 10,000 square feet? If your answer is yes, you should check out the options available in Outpost Estates Los Angeles. You will love living in the area surrounded by lush tall trees. It’s close to nature with wild animals roaming around – the street signs have a reindeer on them to warn you of the possible jump of a deer in front of your car. Reasons to drive carefully!

A peaceful, soothing, and secluded area, Outpost Estates Los Angeles is a place filled with many opportunities for potential buyers. You shouldn’t take too long to decide whether you should buy a place here. We recommend you to check out the latest listings.

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