luxury Los Angeles homes with a swimming poolLooking For a Luxury Pool Home to Lease in LA?

Many people looking for a luxury property on lease have a swimming pool in their must-have house features’ list. Who wouldn’t want to take a dip in the pool during the summer, laze around with their feet dipped in the water while reading a book, or have pool parties on the weekends?

Finding a luxury house in Los Angeles that meets your lifestyle needs and also have a pool would make you want to quickly sign the lease contract before someone else gets it. However, conducting pool inspection before leasing is integral to make sure you are making the right investment. Otherwise, you may end up with a luxury pool house that requires constant pool repairs and other issues.

Therefore, consider the following things before leasing a luxury pool house:

#1 Features of the Pool

The swimming pool must include the basic features needed to work efficiently. Even if the luxury pool house has a water cooler system, water heater, cascades, water fountain, hydro-massage equipment, home automation system, and so much more, you must make sure that everything is in actually working.

Try out all the features when you are viewing the house to make sure all the features are correctly working. You will be paying a good amount of rent to live in a luxury pool house in Los Angeles, make sure it is worth the money.

#2 Filter and Pump System

Examine the filter and pump system of the swimming pool, which are basically the pool’s power system. This equipment ensures that the water is safe, purified, and clean to swim in. If this system is damaged or not properly maintained, it can result in many issues in the future. The better condition this system is in, the longer is the longevity of the swimming pool.

#3 Sanitation System

The sanitation system is another important thing to check in the swimming pool. This system helps in the regulation of the chlorine amount in water. It is highly recommended that you check its installation date, whether it is in good condition, and has been regularly maintained, and if the landlord has spare parts available for any emergencies.

#4 Potential Damages and Cracks

Cracks in the swimming pool gradually become a breeding surface for algae and fungi. If the house is old, and the owners haven’t maintained the pool, then there might also be chipped pipes and water leakage.

It is ideal to consult a pool service to examine the pool to check if there are any cracks or leakage in the pool or any potential damages that may later lead to issues once you start living in the house.

#5 Local Pool Safety Requirements

You should also check if the swimming pool in the luxury house you are considering to lease complies with the local safety requirements. These requirements vary in different states and municipalities.

For instance, one of the most common requirements for a pool is to have a permanent perimeter fence that is at minimum five feet tall and surrounds the accessible pool perimeter. The fence must have a gate that should open outward and includes a self-latching, self-closing lock.

Another requirement is for all pool homes to have other safeguards like alarms on windows and doors that lead to the pool. It is important to make sure that the luxury pool house in Los Angeles you are hoping to lease follows all the required safety requirements to prevent any injuries or other accidents.

#6 Interior Finishing

While some minor wear and tear might be easy for you to identify and request your landlord to fix, an expert can further examine any major problems or deterioration that you may not be able to detect. You must make sure that the pool is in good condition before you move into the place and start using the pool.

Having a pool in your luxury house can offer great benefits to you and your family, providing hours of entertainment and relaxation right in the comfort of your home. However, a pool may become a safety hazard if it has not been maintained or comply with the safety regulations. Therefore, make sure to follow these considerations to avoid any injuries and truly enjoy your new luxury home.

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