The Largest Houses in Los Angeles

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s largest mansions and estates. From high-end celebrity fortresses to beautiful homes in the Hollywood Hills and Bel Air, Los Angeles and the Metro area features some of the largest home footprints in the country.

Here are the top 15 largest houses in Los Angeles and the surrounding metro area.

#15. At 30,000 ft.² located at 454 Cuesta Way on just under 2 acres is a beautiful eight-bedroom and 11 bathroom home built in 2017 owned by Jay-Z and Beyoncé priced at $88 million.

#14. This 30,000 square-foot property called The Disney Estate is currently owned by Israeli mogul Tom Gores and sits on over 2 acres at 301 N. Carolwood Dr. in Holmby Hills. It was built in 2016 and features 10 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms and sold for $13,250,000 in 2014.

#13. Located at 49 Beverly Park Cir. in Beverly Hills is a 31,33 five square-foot luxury home built in 2007 on just over 2 acres owned by Israeli mogul Alec Gores. It’s price is unlisted but it features 11 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms.

#12. Located at 530 S. Mapleton Dr. in Holmby Hills is a 33,652 ft.² expansive home on 1.29 acres built in 2007 featuring 11 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms sold in 2011 for $14,400,000. Its current owner is unlisted.

#11. Located in beautiful Bel Air owned by Israeli native Mohammed Hadid is a 35,378 square-foot estate on 2.2 acres built in 2007 and sold in 2010 for $50 million. It features 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms located at 6309’s Road. His home is called the Le Belvedere.

#10. On nearly 2 and half acres at 1156 Shadow Hill Way is a 35,796 square-foot luxury home in Beverly Hills owned by Egyptian Daniel Mani. This eight bedroom and 11 bathroom home was built in 1991 and was last sold in 2006 for $5 million.

#9. Named the ‘Billionaire’, this 38,000 square-foot luxury home owned by Bruce Michalski sits on just over 1 acre and was built in 2017 featuring 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms at 924 Road. It was priced in 2019 at a cool $94 million.

#8. The Château des Fleurs is a beautiful Bel Air Estates on just under 2 acres at 620 Stone Canyon Rd. owned by Jeffrey a Kaplan built in 2014. This home features a spacious five bedrooms, six bathrooms, in an expansive nearly 43,000 square-foot home. It sold in 1998 for $2,992,000 with the previous home on the lot. Its current value is unknown.

#7. The Fleur de Lys home features a 42,877 valtrex online ft.² on just over 4 acres in Holmby Hills at 350 N. Carolwood Dr. This gorgeous home was built in 2002 and features 12 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, and was priced in 2011 at $88,300,000. Its current owner is unknown.

#6. Le Palais sits on just under 1 acre in Beverly Hills at 904 N. Crescent Drive. This 2012 home is owned by Soviet Union resident Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and features seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and was priced in 2013 at $5 million. Its current value is unknown.

The Manor

#5. Located at 457 Bel Air Road on 4 acres is a 45,891 square-foot home owned by Israeli resident Beny Alagem and was built in 2006. This six-bedroom and 10 bathroom home currently is not valued but the lot only was valued in 2002 at $870,000.

#4. The Pritzker Estate at 1261 Angelo Dr. in Beverly Hills is owned by Anthony Pritzker and features 49,300 ft.² on 3.11 acres built in 2012. The previous home on the lot sold in 2005 for $14,700,000 and its current bedroom and bathroom number, as well as value, is unknown.

#3. Hacienda De La Paz located it 1 Buggy Equipment Drive in Rolling Hills is owned by John Brady and was built in 2008. This nine-bedroom and 25 bathroom home sits on 7.27 acres and the lot alone was sold in 1993 for $2,050,000.

#2. The Manor [pictured] at Holmby Hills is a spacious 55,000 square-foot estate at 594 S. Mapleton Dr. in Holmby Hills on 4.7 acres. It was completed in 1990 and offers seven bedrooms and 29 bathrooms and is our most current sale in 2019. An anonymous bidder purchased the property for $119,700,000.

#1. And our #1 largest home in Los Angeles is appropriately called The One. Located at 944 Airole Way in Bel Air, this brand-new home on just under 4 acres was completed in 2020 and boasts an impressive 20 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms. It was built from the ground up and currently, has no known information on the private owner or last sale price but boasts an enormous 120,000 ft.².

There you have it! The list of the top 15 largest properties in the metro Los Angeles area. For expert real estate care, luxury leasing throughout Los Angeles County, or the epitome in customer service relationships when buying and selling property, contact Pezzini luxury homes today.

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