Fashion Designer Jenni Kayne’s Beverly Hills House is an amazing and extremely elegant and comfy dreamboat. The house itself looks like a part of nature with nude and natural shades and wooden design. The astounding white color theme and the beautiful wooden themed furniture is too beautiful to ignore.

The whole house in Beverly Hills gives a feeling of satisfaction, homey, elegance, and rich as well. The indoor decorations are nothing to scoff at, and the room’s setting is too simple but breath-taking.

Let’s dive and unveil some hidden facts:Dream House Alert: Jenni Kayne's Luxury Beverly Hills Home

Talking about the gorgeous house, the rooms give an immense chic, but refined vibe with the textural theme. The room all over has simple colors, but some items in the room give a pop to the overall furnish and style. The entire house, according to Jenni herself, gives an aesthetically pleasing vibe, and all the rooms have immense depths, but nothing about the rooms is fussy or seems out of place or along the lines of that. (Rus, 2016, AD)

The entire feeling of the house and the architectural structure of the house gives a healing feeling and brings us closer to nature, so the style of the house is best for nature enthusiasts.  The living room consists of pretty frames, some historical ornaments, and amazing white couches with beautiful wooden and straw made chairs. The living room has a sliding door that leads to the outside garden. While the living room has a certain brightness to it, the fireplace in the room gives it an aura of maturity and elegance as the fireplace is darker wooden themed.

The dining and living area is another beautiful story to tell with a gorgeous wooden corner couch frame, topped with white cushions and throw pillows. The walls of the dining/living rooms give a forest vibe to the whole room with dark oak, and the light oak floor brings it all together. Specifically, the dark brown round dining table with long-legged chairs and a full glass wall shows the greenery of the outside. You will just sigh in peace as you have your dinner on the table, or maybe just a cup of coffee with your favorite book as you relax on the couch. Another great thing about this room would be the entire wall TV cabinet with shelves for books. The cabinet is built-in and the same color as the walls, which is amazing and aesthetically pleasing.

The kitchen, contrasting the entire house, has complete white walls with light brownish/sandy tiled floor. The kitchen is adorned with many green pots and plants, and the amazing complete wall white cabinets are to die for. With brown wooden kitchen counter and white/brown counter chairs, the entire kitchen is mesmerizing and magical.

Leisure and spare activities zone for Jenni Kayne:

The study with the light oak wood themed floor, matched with complete black walls and a modern light lamp which fits brings a breath of fresh air to the whole forest themed house. The beautiful and classy armchair with a glass-top table gives a perfect and serene atmosphere to complete some work-related tasks or even to just relax with a good old novel. The oak wood floor is adorned with a beautiful antique Turkish-style red carpet, which gives a taste of richness to the room.

Just outside the study room is a pool. There is a wall fountain with complete greenery surrounding the pool. And the natural sunlight reflects off the azure blues of the pool and brightens the atmosphere by a mile and brings a person even closer to nature. This outer terrace is completed with thatch/straw themed chairs and a small white marble table, which is completed with a magnificent vase on it.

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Prominent features for Jenni Kayne:

The hallways of this beautiful house are complete and pure white walls with light wooden themed tiles, and what gives these white pristine walls pop and a feeling of warmth are the different sized frames that give a homey feeling to it.

The master suite is completed with a vintage scene as well that gives the feeling of cozy but also modernistic style. The furniture of the room is wood-based with a walnut colored bed frame and the side tables. The floor has a Turkish-styled carpet as well, and the glass door on the side of the room brings in the fresh air, and the greens on the outside bring the room to life.

Another amazing thing about this room would be the gorgeous wall frames, varying in sizes but looking absolutely stunning and enhancing the beauty of the room.

The house also consists of the fun kid’s play area and a kid’s room with the same wooden theme. The bathroom is also furnished with beautiful tiles, which gives the entire bathroom a wooden feel. This house was truly made and designed to be relaxed in and be one with nature. Any true nature lover can and will fall in love with this beautiful, breath-taking, and absolutely gorgeous house.

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