Celebrity Homes: Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s home in Beverly Hills

Well, they say where there is a will, there is a way. The world works on this system, and if someone has a strong will, and they wish to achieve something realistic. They probably will be able to do so with a lot of hard work. The reason why the above-mentioned quote is relevant because Sir Elton John, a major personality in the world of music, dreamt of having a family with his partner, David Furnish, who is also a very known filmmaker.

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The dreams of two of these celebrities came true when they bought a home in Beverly Hills, after the birth of their second son. This house was purchased with the goal of expanding the family’s living place so their sons can live a comfortable and easy life. This house in Beverly Hills is the combination of both these great personalities and will leave almost anyone in awe.

Let’s discuss the main features and benefits of this house and why it is so famous, and what things are most admired about this property.

Why do people admire this house?

The first reason that people admire this magnificent house goes to the architectural value of it. The color theme of the entire house is vibrant, to match the energy of the two young and bright sons they have. The styling of the house is based on abstract and a variety of digital prints with chromatic tones in the background, giving the property a burst or pop.

Continuing the discussion. The entrance of the house is breathtaking, giving the golden hues in the night with the popping green from the trees and bushes surrounding it. The property is enticed a lot because of the total overlook of the house. It looks just like a prince’s castle right out of a fairy tale. The house is full of vintage candelabras and beautifully crafted fireplaces that just brings the whole fairy tale to life.

The hallways of the place look like a prince might just run through them right now, with a gorgeous crown adorning his head and the whites and reds of his cloth. The whole place is gaining a lot of attention because of the royal decorations that embellish the house’s every corner.

Let’s not forget the magnificent paintings that ornament the entire property in various sizes and shapes. These paintings enhance the look of the interior décor of the house with the pop in colors as they hanged on the simple yet royal looking cream-ish walls.

What makes this house more prominent?

Discussing the features of the house and not including the dining area is a crime. The dining area in this royal castle is no less majestic than any other room. The dining room is brown and wooden themed and consists of two main candelabras hanging from the ceiling. They tramadol 100mg give the dining room more variety and additional awestruck moment. The room adorns a half wall glass door at one corner. The browns of this interior are enhanced with the help of the greenery from the outside view.

The house also holds a garden and the big pool area that is magnificent, to say the least. The entire pool is surrounded by lush tall trees and open green grass that provides a play area for the children. The pool makes a perfect place for a good family picnic and outdoor activities since it is very spacious. This area also gained a lot of attention because of pool design and style. This part of the property is overall incredibly modern but kept majestically.

Family and kids-oriented zone for Elton John and Family

The entire point of purchasing this house was to make sure that their kids had enough space and playing and living areas. Elton himself said in an interview that he and his husband David paid special attention to the details to make the house child-friendly and family-oriented.

The house has many places for family time, such as the screening room, the living room, and not to mention the grand garden. This house is perfect for a family as it is very spacious. The garden itself can house many events, parties, and occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and all the special moments.

The screening room, for any kid, would be the best room in the house. The giant wall screen is perfect for enjoying all the new movies for kids and have fun family time. The game room is also great with the pool table and efficient sitting area for the kids to play and spend their leisure time. This room is perfect for family game nights that are filled with fun and tons of enjoyment.

Last but can’t ever be the least, the kitchen of the property is luxurious if it can be defined in words. If the house doesn’t leave someone speechless, the spacious kitchen and the incredible kaleidoscopic artwork that is included in the architect of the kitchen will.

All in all, the house is the root of both Elton and David’s personalities. And the house is decorated and designed with great love and passion for their kids and family. The house is more than property but a place they call home and reside in with their kids.

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