6 Tips on Creating the Perfect Luxury Home Office When Selling

More and more of us are working from home these days and with recent lockdowns, selling your home might seem like a challenge. Buyers are looking for space that they can enjoy 24 hours a day, but that also means creating some sort of workspace. With many jobs being shifted to a home office, this room in the house has become quite popular and necessary. Buyers are looking for a private space for work, zoom meetings, and office calls so creating this private space when selling is essential.

When selling your luxury Hollywood Hills home, Bel Air property, or anywhere in the luxury communities of Los Angeles County, a home office is mandatory. If your staging and prepping your home for sale, here are six tips on creating the perfect luxury home office.

#1. Keep it simple.

The idea of the perfect office space is is both calm and free of distractions. Keeping the desk clear, keeping knickknacks small and unobtrusive, and making the room practical or all steps to creating the perfect luxury office space. Simplicity is necessary but utilizing storage in the form of floating shelves, drawers, and preventing clutter can really bring a sense of peace and tranquility to a room overall.

#2. Natural lighting.6 Tips on Creating the Perfect Luxury Home Office When Selling

Since most of us are on zoom calls at least once a week, you need enough lighting so that people can see your facial reactions, and really understand the message you are trying to convey. Natural lighting can work wonders for this type of environment, plus, it can provide a more calming space overall. Make sure the office has enough natural daylight because not only will it reduce your energy consumption, but it’s great for your overall well-being as well.

#3. Go green.

And I’m not just talking about energy efficiency. The color green can actually provide a more calming environment, which is more conducive to a healthy workspace. Simply bringing in plants, greenery, or natural colors from the outdoors is easy on the eyes and helps us feel more connected to nature. This alone can create a bigger work environment and prompt you to be more productive.

#4. Make sure there is enough space.

It’s time to make the most of small spaces, even in a luxury home office. Create hidden spots for storage, filing, paperwork, and other materials you’ll need on a daily basis or the future buyer will need. While the entire space should remain clear and uncluttered, you do need storage for certain work items so make sure that those are clear and concise, yet hidden and organized.

#5. Choose a quiet location.

The last thing people want in a zoom meeting or business call is the louder bustle from the household. Make sure the home office is far enough away from the general goings-on in the house. This might be in a basement, upstairs away from the rest of the house, or in a quiet wing away from family rooms and living rooms.

6 Tips on Creating the Perfect Luxury Home Office When Selling#6. Choose the right color.

Colors can have a profound psychological impact on people so choosing the right color for your luxury home office can mean the difference between a sale or not; or between high productivity and feeling like you simply want to stare out the window. Light and airy colors are perfect for a home office but natural colors such as blues, greens, and soft hands can also help set the stage for a productive workday.

#7. Don’t neglect the outside.

The home office doesn’t just end at the windowsill. What you see outside each day can really have a profound effect on your work environment. If it’s too distracting you may not get enough work done but you want a view that’s conducive to work, which can mean a lot of green again without seeing a lot of traffic.

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Creating the perfect luxury home office is a major selling point in today’s luxury market. For more tips on selling your home in Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills or Bel Air, Contact my office below at any time. Pezzini Luxury Homes provides exclusive real estate information and services in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air,  BrentwoodMalibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and more.

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