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Where to charge a Tesla in Beverly Hills

charge a Tesla in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills is one of the most attractive cities in California known for its splendid beauty and marvelous buildings. It is home to some of the best-known landmarks, including the famous Rodeo Drive, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the fabulous Sunset Boulevard. If you’re going for driving around in a Tesla Model 3 or Model X in Beverly Hills, California, you might want to know where to charge a Tesla in Beverly Hills. 

Tesla cars are equipped with powerful lithium batteries. Model S is a powerhouse of EV achievement offering 400 plus miles in a single charge while Model X competes for the game with 340 plus miles in one charge. Despite the crazy battery performance, a time comes when being a Tesla owner, you need to look around for a charging station. Lets explore some Tesla charging locations in Beverley Hills.

Recharge your Tesla at Destination Charging Sites like hotels, restaurants, and resorts

You can charge a Tesla in Beverly Hills at the places where you spend most of the day. This way you won’t have to leave your comfort zone. There are many ways to power up your electric car, and a good place to recharge your vehicle is at popular hotels, restaurants, and resorts all over Beverly Hills. Destination charging sites by Tesla are available with 35,000 plus wall connectors throughout the country 24/7 ready to serve you. These establishments are equipped with powerful level 2 EV chargers that can provide enough electricity to drive the Model 3, Model X or another Tesla cars.

Recharge your Tesla at Public or Tesla Supercharging station

If you are a resident, you can charge a Tesla in Beverly Hills public charging stations. The number of EV charging stations is on the rise and they are popping up in different locations of Beverley Hills. You can find them in parking lots, office buildings, and near shopping centers. Most of the public charging stations are Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast which instantly fills heavy electric charge into your Tesla without taking hours.  The most convenient place for charging your Tesla is at a Tesla supercharger station. Smart EVgo enables Tesla drivers to charge their vehicles in just a few hours. Just plug your Tesla CHAdeMO adapter and enjoy the Superfast charging on the go.

Using a Home EV charger is also good to go

You can install a level 1 or level 2 Home EV charger in your garage and plug it into the 120V wall outlet. It is a super convenient way to charge your electric car. You can also use a portable Home EV charger when you need to drive your Tesla for a long trip. A portable charger is handy, easy to carry, and easy to operate anywhere, anytime.

Final words

Tesla has been a major player in the electric car industry and has done a good job of getting people excited about buying electric cars. This makes Tesla a big brand name, and this is something that attracts the attention of the media and the public. If you own a Tesla in Beverley Hills and searching for EV charging then top-of-the-line is a home-based charger, if not then level 3 public charging or Tesla Superchargers are the best bet to fill your EV battery instantly and efficiently.