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We have something to offer the person who has everything – Beverly Ridge Estates homes for sale. This gorgeous area offers luxury without limits for everyone who appreciates excellence. It locates in a private and remote area of Beverly Hills between Coldwater Canyon Drive and Franklin Canyon Park. The site is gorgeous and surrounded by mountains and greenery. That guarantees breathtaking canyon views and landscaping. You may enjoy this beauty from your property with no need to leave the area. Beverly Ridge Estates was created by those who recognize true magnificence – with thoughts about you and your needs.
Beverly Ridge Estates for sale

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About Beverly Ridge Estates Homes for Sale

Beverly Ridge Estates homes for sale are listing and selling quickly. The multi-million-dollar architectural masterpieces attract celebrities, A-list actors, producers, and world-famous entrepreneurs.
The community is 24-hour guard gated, giving you the ultimate feeling of safety and privacy. This luxury community is the perfect choice for living. It is a place you can proudly call home and enjoy exclusive comforts and privileges. We are confident that it will fit your family’s needs and lifestyle and satisfy your luxury demands fully. It is the perfect place to raise your family in a secure environment and ultimate comfort. If you can visualize the home of your dream in detail, it most likely will be one of the masterpieces of Beverly Ridge Estates. These Beverly Ridge Estate homes for sale are built using the latest technologies and have state-of-the-art facilities and stunning interiors.
You made the right decision to buy a luxury home in the most prestigious area of the United States. It is fascinating and somewhat intimidating. The luxury homes market is saturated with gorgeous homes with timeless and unique architecture that can satisfy the demands of people who have everything. It is not easy to make a choice. But here at Pezzini Group, we offer just and only the best of the best to you. And we highly recommend you pay special attention to the Beverly Ridge Estate homes – a community built with privacy in mind. It will be your luxury oasis where you can run away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and enjoy your life.
You will be pleasantly surprised with property sizes of Beverly Ridge Estates homes for sale. Most homesites are over 10,000 square feet on average, so you will enjoy your new specious and safe property the way you want. Just imagine how fantastic it is. Living here, you can escape from the chaos and clutter of city life. You will have the freedom to explore new interests; practicing yoga, playing golf and tennis, gathering with friends and family, and just being able to do whatever you dream about without the feeling that somebody is watching you.

Beverly Ridge Estates is a crown jewel of Beverly Hills and the whole Southern California.

The postcard-worthy views surrounding you will give you the inspiration to share them with your friends, family, and followers on social media.
The location is perfect if you want to escape from the noisy city and enjoy your luxurious life. But great news! You can go back to the city any time you wish to and enjoy all the world-class shopping, dining, spas, and other fun that Beverly Hills offers. The Beverly Ridge Estates is close to all of the important hubs in the city. In the morning, you may enjoy quiet time and meditation, and in the eveningĀ  – deep dive into the noisy Beverly Hills nightlife, enjoying every aspect of luxury it offers.
You will be surrounded by the best restaurants, lounges, 5-star hotels, and world-class shopping centers, all within a short commute. You can be confident that your safety is carefully protected because the Beverly Hills Police Department and Beverly Hills Fire Department work in the area like a Swiss clock. It makes the place one of the safest in the United States.
You will be pleased with numerous public and private schools if you have school-age kids. There they will receive a top-notch education and be ready to enter the most prestigious private universities and colleges in the United States and worldwide.
If you are like many celebrities who religiously take care of your look and health, here you will find luxurious, world-known private gyms and personal trainers. The area is surrounded by healthy food stores and farmers’ markets where you can treat yourself to local organic and fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy treats. Many are seeking Beverly Ridge Estates homes for sale so do not delay.

Beverly Ridge Estates homes for sale is a rare finding but we will help you to make it your home.

Pezzini Group is one of the best and most trusted real estate firms in Beverly Hills for finding Beverly Ridge Estates homes for sale. Contact us anytime, and we will immediately start working. We will show you Beverly Ridge Estates for sale or lease any other luxury neighborhood of Los Angeles. Our friendly and dedicated professionals will provide full support and consultations and schedule tours to homes you are interested in. We know how to make your luxury home-buying journey as stress-free as possible.
P.S: Beverly Ridge Estates is a small and unique community. There is a possibility that you may not see listings at the time you are looking on our official website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway, and we will immediately notify you if any house opens on the market. Many people dream of living in this genuinely luxurious community. Be the first in the line, and get in touch with us today.
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