Best Guide to Preparing Your Home for Sale in Hollywood Hills

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11 Days List To Spruce Up Your Hollywood Hills Home Before Sale

Have you finally decided to list your home for sale in Hollywood Hills? If you have, you are probably overwhelmed by emotions of leaving your home while being worried about all the tedious tasks ahead. We understand that for first-time home sellers, packing and cleaning the home for new homebuyers is often a hassle.

Our step-by-step guide will help you align tasks in a way that you can prepare your home for sale in Hollywood Hills within two weeks.

Day 1 – Day 3: Start With Less-Functional Spaces  

The key to packing up is to start with places that are least-used or least-functional in your home. These could include spaces like the storage areas, garage, and even the basement. Since such areas won’t be crowded too often, you will find plenty of time to pack and clean without much interference.

The storage closets, for example, often contain neatly stacked stuff that you can pack in boxes easily without causing much inconvenience.

By starting with sorting out and sweeping these portions of your Hollywood Hills home for sale, you will create an ample amount for keeping the rest of the packed items. Less-functional spaces often consist of forgotten items that are not frequently needed, so it’s the right time to de-clutter your storage as well.

And don’t forget the living room! Even though it is a highly functional space, it is full of stuff that is not necessary, such as throws and decoration pieces.

Day 4 – Day 8: Move into Bedrooms and Excess Rooms  

Any extra rooms or even bedrooms are less often crowded than areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. So, even when you’re packing things up, you won’t be causing much disturbance as long as you can still reach out to your bed or desk. You need to start early with packing rooms because they take more time than expected.

Unlike the less operational spaces, these areas have many things that are important and necessary for daily use. Hence, you must pack them up carefully and label them too.

To help you sort out what you need and what you don’t need, ask yourself the following questions:

Remember that you will also have to stage your house in Hollywood Hills CA for the prospective homebuyers, so don’t pack everything up just yet.

Day 9 – Day 11: Clean up the Bathrooms & Kitchen  

The last areas to pack include the bathrooms and kitchen. Not only are these areas highly-functional, but they also consist of extremely delicate items. A few things you should consider doing are:

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But Wait!

This guide will hopefully help you figure out how to go about packing and cleaning your home for sale in Hollywood Hills. By now, you will know all the items that you are not willing to take along.

We suggest that you donate such items to charitable organizations. However, remember that preparing your home before selling it also includes other essential steps.

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