Can I Lease a Luxury Home in Malibu?

Can I Lease a Luxury Home in Malibu?

Considering a lease option or rent to own can help jumbo mortgage borrowers save for a higher down payment and get their credit history in order to prepare for their dream home later on. This is a great option for many potential homebuyers if they are delaying their home purchase for a while. A lease-option […]

3 Reasons to Lease Your Home in Malibu

Malibu CA beachfront home

Malibu is one of the most desired beach towns of California, primarily because of its location. Since the past few years, a large number of Hollywood celebrities have moved to this town, increasing the overall worth of the real estate in the area. Many prospective home buyers aspiring to live in the town but can’t […]

6 Things to Check in a Malibu Residential Tenancy Agreement

luxury Malibu Beach house at sunset

6 Essential To Do Things When Leasing a Malibu Beachfront House Everyone in Los Angeles knows that living in Malibu is a little too expensive. And even more expensive are real estate properties for the average American homeowner. This is mainly why people looking to reside in this beautiful neighborhood at much lower costs prefer leasing […]

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Malibú Malibú es una de las áreas de todo Los Ángeles que es considerada como perfecta, pues ella lo tiene todo. Ubicada a las afueras de Los Ángeles cuenta con algunas de las playas y las vistas más espectaculares de todo Estados Unidos. Es famosa por su clima soleado y por ubicarse a lo largo […]